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RMVI 10 SEP 2012

So, today was not “as expected” but it’s okay – I guess. God is in control, I am not – no mistake about that. Talked with friends, continuing to update refurbished laptop after total HDD failure, getting some household chores completed, but some things are just going to be left for 9/11 – that’s just the way it is. Off to work I go.

Most of what is written here is memories, references, subject-specific, not random thoughts like the first paragraph of this post. Why did I write this first paragraph today after “blogging” for so many years? I have no idea. Our laptop computer HDD had recently crashed: Maybe this is a “new beginning” ??? I don’t know. Mostly, I am a born again Christian with a story to tell, a testimony: I didn’t expect to see my 30th birthday, but God kept me alive for a reason. And it’s 22 years beyond that timeframe now, if it’s still 2012 when you stumble upon this post.

God may have kept me alive for multiple reasons: marriage, family, church, job, blog… To have become free of the snares of a cult in high school and coming to faith in Christ in college is a fascinating story, but the added twist is Christian Science downplays the importance of using medicine or seeing  a doctors if you get sick and 3 years after accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I was struck with Valley Fever which almost killed me.

What’s your story? What keeps you kicking? What keeps you motivated to wake up in the morning and make sense out of the new day you are given to enjoy? There is more to life than reality TV and football, isn’t there? I am a huge fan of NBA basketball, generally, and of the Los Angeles Lakers, specifically. I am most definitely looking forward to this coming season! I follow the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have done nothing much since Kirk Gibson’s magical home run in the 1988 playoffs  and Orel Hershiser’s amazing streak of 50+ shutout innings…

I am fascinated by my wife’s routine, my kids learning curve, and the wild & whacky world of Air Traffic Control I get to do for a living! If I wasn’t able to be so spontaneous so as to deal with many major issues within a moments notice to make a correct decision, all the time, I might be rattled to the core with fear and anxiety. But God didn’t prepare me in my life to be unable to deal with all that I go through – things others marvel at as “crazy.” I was born blind. Two surgeries at age 4, and I can see acceptably-enough for the FAA to allow me to work behind a radarscope! But not until I was denied that opportunity and won my appeal. Of course, I then had to appeal the denial based on fatigue associated with suffering from “Valley Fever.” But I did!

What have you had to overcome? Did you know that God is a very present help, if called upon? “The Lord is with you when you are with Him. And if you seek Him, He will let you find Him. But if you forsake Him, He will forsake you” (2 Chronicles 15:2). I found my life when I lost it in the loving arms of the Savior of the world: The Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 6:46). It’s from that relationship that I have strength and confidence to live out each and every new day He grants me to live! It’s that simple. How simple or difficult is your life?

Grace & peace, Ron

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