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Have you ever considered becoming a missionary, serving God somewhere unexpected, unknown, remote, completely different from your comfortable surroundings? I’ve met some great missionaries right here in my hometown, Lancaster CA! So, you don’t have to go somewhere abroad, somewhere scary, somewhere without cellphone coverage… But that’s where I had thought I would go, many years ago. But life happens! I’m married, with 2 adorable adopted girls and, it appears, God has called me to a different purpose than I had begun to pursue many moons ago. Instead, we have supported some missionaries, financially, and we pray for many others.

How is God using you? How has He prepared you for service? I am so honored to know so may young people today that are serving Christ! Mary’s college roommate has a daughter (Akasha) in Africa right now. My best friend’s, Blaise & Sue Cordero, also have a daughter (Hannah) in Africa right now, on an unrelated missionary trip. Her sister Gracie just came back from that region, which they have both been to previously. “Youth With A Mission” (Y.W.A.M.) has been great in preparing them for service, not far from their home in the NorthEast corner of Washington, right out of high school! Others from our church have also gone to a Y.W.A.M. school in Hawaii, suffering for the Lord in the majestic Pacific islands: first Sarah, a few years ago, and now her sister Hannah!

Some couples from our church have been sent out by the church to places around the world, but I am so impressed by how God is working in the lives of young, single people right now! To God be the glory for all that He is doing in people’s lives all around the world, as the sings of these times suggest that the end may be near. Perhaps yes, perhaps not – but God seems to be doing things differently these days than even 30 years ago (imho). What’s He doing in your life? The chapter of my life known as “Ron’s FAA Years’” will be coming to a close shortly, due to mandatory retirement. I have “feelers” out, wondering what is next: I’m not anxious or worried about it, though. Because I know that’s God’s purposes work out for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28). I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life, whatever that may be! Grace & peace to you, Ron

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