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The NFL Made the Wrong Call with Replacement Refs

Replacement Referees: They’ve gotta go!

The NFL is making a really bad blunder allowing their “replacement referees” to continue to make monumental mistakes each and every week. These temporary referees are making substantially worse decisions, with each passing week, not improving but finding new ways to make gross injustices in the way they call a game.

The Monday Night “Game of The Week” that every football fan AND every football player watches was poorly-officiated throughout, but the “Hail Mary” Pass by Seattle’s rookie QB Wilson that was intercepted but called as both an INT and as a TD by different referees that did not confer as to which call was correct before going to replay and then compounding the problem by stating “The ruling on the field stands” was a travesty of justice! Maybe O.J. Simpson was innocent… Just sayin’

The “F-A-C-T” that Green Bay intercepted the ball AFTER Golden Tate was guilty of Offensive Pass Interference, and it was obvious to all sane people watching the events unfold, doesn’t allow for the player with less control of the football be awarded possession: a player (Golden Tate of Seattle) who was only touching the football with an outstretched hand underneath the actual player (from Green Bay) who had 2 hands clutching the ball to his chest!


When does the NBA season start? Let’s go, Lakers! The NFL is just too stupid to pay attention to any longer…

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