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The Lakers New Cast of Characters

Will Dwight Howard play during the pre-season for his new team, The Los Angeles Lakers?

As today’s reports unfold, it appears that The Lakers new centerpiece, Andrew Bynum’s “replacement,” will be ready to join the team’s newest server of the roundball, Point Guard extraordinaire Steve Nash, on Sunday! Yippeee!!!!  I seriously doubt many Lakers “fans” are going to remember the name Andrew Bynum after we see Dwight Howard take center stage!  And what has been witnessed as he has practiced with the team throughout the pre-season has only brought joy & delight to the lips of his teammates.  Once Steve Nash gets a handle on the set of new teammates he gets to share the ball with this season, watch out!  The Lakers are a loaded weapon, ready to make a serious charge through the regular season and into the playoffs!  It’s still hard to believe: Mitch Kupchak was able to acquire Steve Nash and Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum and we were able to keep Pau Gasol? Unbelievable!

It’s still just a pre-season period of time marked by personnel changes for the coaches to decipher, concerning players staying vs. players shelved, possibly kept in the D-League. The team’s Top Ten is pretty well set:

1) Dwight Howard (C)

2) Steve Nash (PG)

3) Kobe Bryant (SG)

4) Pau Gasol (PF)

5) Metta World Peace (SF)

6) Devin Ebanks (SF)

7) Antawn Jamison (PF)

8) Jodie Meeks (SG)

9) Steve Blake (PG)

10) Jordan Hill (C)

Then who? Probably…

11) Rob Sacre (C) – I like him, and with 2 big men recovering from injuries The Lakers probably need to utilize him for at least the short haul.

12) Chris Doulas-Roberts – a talented veteran, played in Europe last year… It’s hard to tell at this spot on the roster who the coaches like most.

What do you think? Of the rest, who has a real chance? The NBA now allows for a 12-man roster and up to 3 players on injured reserve (1 day at a time now w/new CBA vs. 5-day minimum previous years):

Darius Johnson-Odom (R)

Darius Morris, (PG/SG, 2nd Yr)

Chris Duhon (PG, veteran – came with Howard in mega-trade)

Andrew Goudelock (SG, 2nd Yr)

Earl Clark (PF – came with Howard in mega-trade)

Aguilar (C: 7-1, R)

Somegyi (C: 7-3, R)

Noteworthy, tonight: Metta World Peace is ready this year, in-shape, focused, hitting his shots, agile on defense; Pau Gasol & Kobe Bryant seem like they have adjusted to the new “Princeton Offense,” but transition defense from it seems to still be a problem – the “team” aspect to defense isn’t there yet, getting back quickly enough off either a made or missed shot. I would say that Steve Nash seems the most sluggish right now, which is an opinion I am surprised to be writing about! I suspect his ability to be spontaneous, to make adjustments “in the moment” is going to be there eventually: I just have a suspicion he is “letting it ride,” working with rookies that aren’t as attentive to the speed of the game at a NBA level that will be fixed with the arrival of Dwight Howard offensively, but who will also affect team defense in a significant manner.

Highlights: Metta World Peace in 1st Half hitting a 3-Point shot, and then blowing a breakaway layup opportunity by clanking the ball off the bottom of the rim that Kobe Bryant followed up with a made basket although the outlet pass to Steve Nash by MWP woulda coulda shoulda been made early in the progression of the play. And, now, less than 5 minutes to play, an awesome effort by Rob Sacre who defended the ball vs.  2 players, altering the shot attempt and then came down with the rebound! Lakers down five points…

Maybe they will pull this one out. Nope: Kings 103, Lakers 98.

I can’t wait to see The Los Angeles Lakers play at Staples Center on Sunday night!

If Dwight Howard makes his debut, being in attendance will be just that much sweeter!

For now, there are some glimpses of brilliance by The Lakers, occasionally, in tonight’s game vs. The Sacramento Kings being played out in Las Vegas, NV. They play The Kings again @ home Sunday, then play a “road game” @ home vs. The Los Angeles Clippers next week followed by a back-to-back game vs. The Kings aain, but down in San Diego. That’s it: The pre-season will be over, and The Los Angeles Lakers will begin the season at home vs. The Dallas Mavericks (minus Dirk Nowitzki, knee surgery) on October 30th.

Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go! Let’s go, Lakers, let’s go!

SEE  “Viewable” Twitter Feeds  (below) …

I’m excited for the season to start, aren’t you? I’m excited about all that Time Warner Cable has done to gear up for this new NBA season, rolling out the TMCSportsNet channel for home & away games: Channel 45. With “Big Game James” Worthy and Coach Dave Miller to anchor each game, and John Ireland the Lakers radio announcer added to reporter duties alongside Mike Trudell @LakersReporter, I’m liking what I see! #LakeShow – I will be following that hash tag on Twitter (LkrzFan4Life).

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