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Lakers Looking @ Slow Start to Season, Possibly

You can lose every game of the pre-season, if you’re an elite team in the NBA, if you’re at least competitve with players trying to make the squad; but, The Lakers woes are somewhat worrisome: 0-8, really? Or, are they? They did make 23 assists on 28 shots…

Should the loss of 1 star player make enough of an impact that a team should automatically be expected to lose? Dwight Howard and Steve Nash played tonight, as well as Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace. Yes, The Lakers were without the services of Kobe Bryant, starting Devin Ebanks instead of Jodie Meeks – for some reason. I suppose the easy answer is: Lakers Head Coach Mike Brown is still seeking out lineup matches and mismatches, in order to pair down the roster, and to determine what choices are available to him during the regular season – interms of developing a substitution pattern that makes more sense than what we have been observing during this pre-season. The Lakers did lead, at different moments of the game. But, the word of the day = Inconsistency.

Dwight Howard seemed to lose interest early, The Sacramento Kings took an early lead: his 3, count ’em, yes THREE, 1st quarter fouls seemed unnecessary. However, their double digit deficit was quickly erased by… none other than… The Lakers bench players! Who knew? Of course, they couldn’t sustain the effort; but, they did gain back lost ground, and – I am assuming here, but – if this had been a regular season game, I’m sure the starters would’ve played a more strategic role in moving forward with the momentum gained. Right? Meeks played well, again, off the bench. Jamison still seems lost. Nash, seems to have found a passing rhythm with Pau & Dwight – so, there were aspects of the game to be pleased with. Perhaps.

Jordan Hill seemed to have a lot of passion to play, but his energy seemed adrift, misdirected at best.  He also seems to be playing through pain, and potentially causing more damage to his lower back, just by his style of play – already known to be recovering from a herniated disk issue. He plays all out: he’s fun to watch! But will he be able to sustain the effort throughout the regular season? Doubtful.

The Kings played pretty well – but, I don’t see them as a playoff team. I am hopeful of The Lakers beginning the season on a successful winning streak. But Lakers announcers, closer to the team, more knowledgeable of day-to-day operations, than most of us, they seem hesitant to believe that the high amount of turnovers will decrease anytime soon due to “over-thinking” the offensive scheme they have yet to learn adequately well.

The Lakers start the season against a Dallas Mavericks team that will be without the services of Dirk Nowitzki for 6 weeks. Of course, it’s the first of a back-to-back, home-then-away NBA start to the season taking them up to The Rose Garden in Portland to play the Trailblazers. They might start off the season 1-1. They might get Kobe Bryant back after those first 2 games, sufficiently healed from the foot injury he sustained last Sunday. They might start playing well. I’m hopeful! Are you?

Let’s go, Lakers! Let’s go!

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  1. Anonymous
    26 October 2012 at 9:30 am

    Hopeful is the keyword. Very mystefying! Mel R

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