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Lakers Still Winless in Pre-Season after Loss to Clippers Last Night

Nobody expected Dwight Howard to play against The Los Angeles Clippers last night; but, then to also have Kobe Bryant out of the starting lineup, the chances of winning this game against  their Staples Center stable mates became exponentially more unlikely. Kobe Bryant apparently messed up his foot/ankle in Sunday’s game – he may actually miss tonight’s game AND also the Season Opener vs. The Dallas Mavericks, October 30th. Tonight, Dwight Howard should be suiting up again, avoiding a back-to-back situation by not playing yesterday, but now playing against the same team he played against last Sunday, the Sacramento Kings, down in San Diego.

A win by The Lakers in the pre-season would be nice, but it’s not terribly important. That the team figures out the Princeton Offense, that they overcome their glaring problem of transition defense assignments, that Antawn Jamison finds his shot again – those are higher priorities! Last night’s contest illustrated two things: Matt Barnes is not happy that The Lakers chose not to re-sign him, and The Lakers found great value in another free agent, Jodie Meeks who shined beyond their wildest dreams! Everybody knew Jodie Meeks could shoot, as a Shooting Guard; but nobody seemed to know he could create his own shot, off the dribble – until now!

Sure, The Lakers lost, 97-91. But they were ahead, 73-72 – after 3 quarters. The high amount of turnovers, however, is of greater concern. So, the focus of the team seems to be: do better on transition defense, reduce team turnovers by a ton, and “wins” should come easily. The Lakers worst quarter has been the 3rd Quarter, but Pau Gasol seems to have taken on responsibility last night to not let that become a continuing trend.

Let’s go, Lakers! The fans are ready for you to compete for the title – this season! Go get it!

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