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November: The Month of Thanksgiving – What Are You Thankful For?

          Mostly, I blog about The Los Angeles Lakers (I also “tweet“!); but while many “fans” are far from thankful for them starting this new NBA season 0-3, I am not swayed from my appreciation, my thankfulness to the organization for trying to put a team together that will be able to compete for the championship this season! No, I am not thankful that Steve Nash was injured Game 2 of the season – What can any of us do about that, except hope and/or pray that the injury is something he can overcome in short order? Oftentimes, such adversity pulls a team together – How will the team respond to the coaching staff, to Steve Blake running the offense, in the absence of Steve Nash? Are you hopeful that a Lakers team with the addition of Dwight Howard, instead of Andrew Bynum from last year’s lineup, will be able to post a better record, and perform better in the playoffs? You should be!

          At the moment, I am more thankful for other things, such as the church I attend on Saturday nights! I was able to take communion last night, instead of missing an opportunity to attend church Sunday morning as some friends apparently did today! We were just calling to invite them to a picnic at the park, and they had no idea what time it was when we called them this morning. Aren’t opportunities to sleep in late wonderful? I wish my daughters felt that way! ijk

          I am also very thankful for the Men’s Conference I was able to attend at our home church, Grace Chapel, the last 2 days: Friday night & Saturday morning (I had my doubts about it, since mandatory overtime has become more prevalent at work – especially for coverage on Saturday mornings.). I am thankful for the new Fellowship Class my wife & I are now attending – and for the opportunity to join with some of the men from the group this past Thursday. But I am most “hovering off the ground”-thankful that these things happened before I spoke with one of my closest friends – I have known Don since 1973 – late last night, as we were able to talk without interruption while he drove his big rig down I-90 through Montana (maybe Wyoming?), wearing a blue-tooth device on his ear, of course. God’s timing is perfect, and the things I shared with him I could not have shared with him, if we had spoken at such lengths prior to Thursday night.

I don’t know what troubles you have in this life, or what you count on to fascinate you or bring you joy, but:

The record of The Los Angeles Lakers to start this 2012 NBA season is not killing my ability to continue to enjoy rooting for them to win!

Just like I have an assurance of eternal life due to my relationship with Jesus Christ, and a confidence to live for Him in this life as I await eternity in the face of other people’s responses being less than best all around me, I am not going to fret about early season losses by The Lakers! Why?

          Don’t you remember last year? The Lakers started with Josh McRoberts due to Andrew Bynum serving a suspension by the NBA for his clothesline of J.J. Berea of The Dallas Mavericks in the previous season’s playoff run. You remember that, now, right? Of course you do! Or you’re really not a fan of The Lakers at all… I suppose it’s possible that you’re brand new in your allegiance to them… Hmm???

          With any decision in life, such as the team you choose to root for, you get to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly. The real question is:

Can you retain a good attitude through the midst of difficult or trying circumstances?

We are blessed, those of us who name The Los Angeles Lakers as our team, to enjoy great basketball – most years! However, not every season has been triumphant! When Shaq & Phil left, we still had Kobe – but… those weren’t winning seasons, were they? But you stayed the course! You didn’t wilt in the face of adversity! You certainly didn’t become fans of The Los Angeles Clippers and switch back again, did you? The Lakers will be fine. The coaching staff is fine. Kobe Bryant said it best in the interview after losing to The Clippers Friday night: I am not a patient man (words to that effect).

          I am not generally regarded as a patient man, either; but, God has definitely changed my heart, He has developed in me a greater ability to be more patient in most circumstances, as I have been fortunate to have had added to my life a wonderful wife, and then one daughter, and another 2 years later! With each new addition, my ability to be patient has improved! Thank You, Lord! As Lakers fans, we just need to be more patient: Yes, the post-game #LakeShow on @TWCSportsnet is FAN-tastic! I love the brilliance that James Worthy, Coach Dave Miller, and Kurt Rambis bring to our understanding! Lakers radio play-by-play man, John Ireland, is very aggressive as a member of the TWCSportsnet team, as well, to get in a lot of great questions during post-game interviews! When something such as a men’s conference interferes with my ability to watch games live, I enjoy the “encore performance” the Lakers new partner Time Warner Cable brings with P-I-P inserts of post-game interviews as they are interspersed into the game action as it occurs! That’s a degree of programming editing excellence to be appreciated, to be thankful for, that I have never experienced ever before! If you like to “tweet,” then perhaps – especially if you already are a Lakers fan – you already know that The Lakers pay their sideline reporter Mike Trudell to tweet throughout the entire game! Check it out.

          Seek to find ways to be thankful for whatever God is doing in your life in the moment! You’ll be glad you did: trust me on that, even if you disagree with me about anything I have written above. Don’t forget to pray for Steve Nash, that his recovery will go well. God bless, Ron

Go, Lakers!

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