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Who Is The Best NBA Team in Los Angeles, Lakers or Clippers?

Maybe I am blinded by my own bias favoring The Los Angeles Lakers in any comparison to a much-improved Clippers franchise last year, and even a more highly competitive Clippers team this season; but,… You can’t be serious that a team so poorly managed from the top down could ever be truly competitive, are you?

Yes, The Clippers beat The Lakers last Friday: so what?  What have they proved?  The Clippers simply proved that they can get emotionally charged, pumped up for a win vs. their arch-enemy, their Achilles heal, their nemesis, The Los Angeles Lakers – but it’s only the regular season.  It’s a single game, at the beginning of a new season: the worst defensive teams in the league right now are guaranteed to make the playoffs – guaranteed!  The Los Angeles Lakers, The defending champion Miami Heat, and The always tough Boston Celtics. Do you disagree?  If you do, you’re just being ridiculous!

The Clippers lost tonight to The Cleveland Cavaliers, at home! That’s right, the game was at Staples Center – home of the 16-time World Champions, The Los Angeles Lakers!  So, don’t go off on how meaningless a win The Lakers got last night vs. The lowly Detroit Pistons:  The Clippers lost to The equally inept, LeBron-less Cleveland Cavaliers, 108 – 101.  The best player on the court was, statisitically-speaking, Anderson Varejao (15 points, 15 rebounds). smh

So, think about it: The Clippers crush The Lakers on Friday night – playing without Steve Nash.  And then The suddenly great Clippers lose to The Golden State Warriors over the weekend and follow that up with a 2nd consecutive loss tonight? I explain that by stating the obvious:  Jamaal Crawford, Rony Turiaf, Matt Barnes were not considered good enough to be part of a Lakers bench that was the worst group of misfits in the NBA last season!  They simply got up for the game, because they had an axe to grind, a point to prove.  The Lakers are better off without them.  In a 7-game series, no back-to-backs, come playoff time, these Clippers have no shot to advance to The Finals!  Why?  Because their defensive scheme is inadequate to beat the elite teams of the NBA.  Period.  imho

Let’s look at tonight’s stats: Matt Barnes put up an 0-4 night with 4 personal fouls in 16 minutes – that’s pathetic!  Yes, he had 8 rebounds: way to go, Matt.  Rony Turiaf: no shots attempted, 1 PF, 2 BS – okay, perhaps, in limited minutes; but, he was on the court for 13:44 without a single rebound!  Who else?  Oh yeah, Lamar Odom: he shot 50% – not bad.  Oh, wait: he played only 4 minutes, took 2 shots, and made 2 PFs and had 2 TO’s ?  Are you kidding me!

Off The Cavaliers roster, I spot… CJ Miles, another player fans of The Lakers heard rumors about, that he might be added to our bench rotation over the Summer months – what did he do?  In 14:27 he had no rebounds, no assists; but, he shot 4-7 for 10 points (2-3 from 3-pt range) and 2 steals – with only 1 PF and 1 TO.  That’s decent shooting, but we’re going to see that from Jodie Meeks and/or Antawn Jamison, aren’t we?

Bottom Line: The Los Angeles Lakers are still a better team than The Los Angeles Clippers!  The Lakers have added the premier, defensive Center in the league, Dwight Howard, to their roster – and he’s playing at less than 100%, well before he was expected back after back surgery on April 20th.  Dwight Howard alone would have made The Lakers a better team, capable of going deeper into the playoffs, if that was all that this team was able to do to improve themselves.  As much as I liked Andrew Bynum, the addition of Dwight Howard, if possible, was a no brainer decision to make!  The OKC Thunder have modeled their success after the same guidelines that The Lakers use to select talent: height & length, speed & accuracy – it’s a winning formula!  The Clippers simply don’t have the right mixture of those components, and The Lakers do.

But, before The Lakers acquired Dwight Howard (Height.  Length.), what they first did was sign a future Hall of Famer, Steve Nash, to a 3-year contract, as our much-needed Point Guard!  Accuracy. Last year, we started Derek Fisher, only because Steve Blake couldn’t beat him out of the job!  Yes, Steve Nash is injured, and Steve Blake is starting at Point Guard for us.  But, Dwight Howard makes us better – regardless!  Why?  Because a 7-game series in the playoffs takes on a totally different set of adjustments than get emotionally charged to win a single game – and days off between games in a 7-game series negate the value of emotions to be held up for a team to gain 4 wins off an adrenalin rush!  Talent prevails, in the end: The best 2 teams almost always advance to The Finals (The Dallas Mavericks two years ago, would be an exception to that rule.).

As a unit, a  defensive core of Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant & Metta World Peace will make The Lakers a force to be reckoned with, come playoff time – not to mention Jordan Hill and Devin Ebanks, who are formidable in that arena as well.  On offense, you add to that “core” of Dwight, Kobe and MWP the ability of Steve Nash to find his shot (a lifetime 50% shooter, and a 90% FT-shooter) plus dish off to Pau Gasol and Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks and… the imagination runs wild!  If The Lakers were missing any part of that formula for success, previous mentioned, it might be speed, but they do have quickness with many of their players, regardless of age!

Listen, if you are a Clippers fan, I love their energy, especially Chris Paul, but they lack chemistry defensively.  As fun as it may be to watch Blake Griffin & Lob City stuff, and as good as Chris Paul is, they are both short, and easily out-matched when they try to matchup defensively against elite teams: they have to try to play like Tom Brady & The New England Patriots and outscore you, in order to win, because the effort & ability on defense is just not there.  Look at The OKC Thunder: Why did they trade away James Harden?  Simply put, he was neutralized by The Miami Heat.  As important as James Harden was to the offensive efficiency of The Thunder, his liability on defense made him expendable.  And I say that knowing he put up 106 points in his 1st 3 games for his new team, The Houston Rockets!

The Los Angeles Lakers are a world-class organization!  Mitch Kupchak is an amazing General Manager!  The Buss Family is fortunate to have had men like Jerry West & Mitch Kupchak to run the team!  If that were not the case, then Andrew Bynum would probably be the new face of the franchise, for the foreseeable future!  I hope Bynum has a few more good years for his new team, closer to his hometown, The Phladelphia 76ers.  I wish Doug Collins nothing but success, in utilizing the best Center he has ever been able to play with or coach!  But, just remember one thing:  The Lakers play for long-term success.  They play with a goal, with an expectation, of winning a championship ring every year!  Most teams, like The Clippers, play great during an 82-game season and provide a lot of fan excitement during that stretch.  But don’t kid yourself: The Clippers will fade in the playoffs, and The Lakers will enjoy great success!  That’s what The Lakers are built for: Success!  The Clippers put together a good team, but they did it without a General Manager!

Good luck, Clippers!

Let’s go, Lakers!  You’re the best!  So, prove it!

Kick it up another gear, Dwight & Kobe: Show the NBA what you’re made of!  A 6-game winning streak would be very satisfying right about now.  Yes, it would.

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