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Lakers Lacking Speed & Confidence, If Clippers Game Tonight Tells A Story At All

Did #Lakers executive vice president Jim Buss really give Mike Brown a vote of confidence today?  Ramona Shelburne’s article seems to suggest that’s the case; but, is that a blessing or a curse? Max Kellerman seemed to suggest that’s a death sentence; and his guest co-host Beto Duran seems to have run out of patience with all of the rhetoric that “a new system takes time,” and all of the “we’re showing slow, steady progress” comments.  Excuses?

I’m going to watch my team play, regardless; but it really does seem like they’re playing at a practice pace, as if Brown’s conducting a walk-through of where to be, what to do, within the structure of an offense that is still so foreign to the entire team!  Watching The Clippers on the road, struggling to hold on to a 20-point lead at The Rose Garden vs. The Portland Trailblazers – after a brilliant game against San Antonio at Staples Center last night, – I can only compare & contrast how fast The Clippers played to how slow The Lakers operate in their offensive set.  I can only wish that The Lakers might enjoy the problem of holding onto a 20-point lead… oh yeah, de ja vu, that was how they won the game over The Detroit Pistons last Sunday, huh?  I almost forgot: James Worthy criticizing Brown for returning the starters into the action to secure the win late in the 4th Quarter…

Both teams shot with confidence, in the contest tonight, Batum almost bringing The Blazers back from the dead singlehandedly in the 2nd Quarter.  But benchplay by The Clippers new players isn’t awful, like it was last year for The Lakers – and, so far, for The Lakers this season, too!  But I am reminded of the fact that Mike Brown actually chose not to play Jodie Meeks last night but instead chose to play Metta World Peace at the Shooting Guard position, spelling Kobe Bryant, when The Utah Jazz were able to gain a 10-point advantage late in the 1st Quarter – which they held for the remainder of the game.  That was a coaching error, in my opinion.

Sure, turnovers and missed free throws hurt, not to mention unnecessary, poor 3-point shooting.  Why didn’t they pound the ball inside with a height advantage?  That still makes no sense to me at all.  And what was Kobe Bryant doing?  Was he pouting, in mutiny, at the ridiculousness of a gameplan that coud never work?  Sure, he scored 29 points for the game – but only scored 4 by halftime, by 1 FG and 2 FTs.  Whatever.  The Lakers need to apply themselves better to the task at hand, and the pace at which the offense was run in the victory over The Detroit Pistons needs to be replicated.  The idea that they lack speed defensively is preposterous!  This team has a faster Center than last year’s man in the middle, Andrew Bynum!  Dwight Howard is more mobile, more agile, faster – right?  When Steve Nash returns, he’s as fast as Derek Fisher and better at his craft – isn’t he?  Meanwhile, the rest of the roster is the same – as far as starters go: Bryant, Gasol, World Peace, Blake.

We still have Hill, Ebanks & Morris coming off the bench – so, where is the improved play?  How is this year’s 2nd unit better than those who came off the bench last year?  The answer: Antawn Jamison & Jodie Meeks.  But Mike Brown won’t play Jodie Meeks for some mystifying reason?  Say what!  We are settling for smokescreen answers, because we want to believe that this team will start playing better – soon.  But the ability of this team to play well seems to be mired in confusion and dysfunctional leadership.  What Mitch Kupchak was able to pull off this past Summer to improve this team is not being utilized to its maximum capacity.  That said, Dwight Howard wasn’t even expected to play until after Christmas!  So, where would we be without him in the lineup?

Is Dwight Howard able to be effective, if he is also trying to be protective of his rehabilitation efforts, unwilling to play at 100% yet?  What percentage is he playing at?  Should we start Jordan Hill, until Dwight is able to play at 100%?  It seems like a silly question, but is it?  Could he play at 100%, in spurts, off the bench, and do for us what Kanter does to us for Utah’s Jazz?  I’m just thinking out-loud.  I think The Lakers will be fine – with time.  I am reminded that last year began with Bynum serving a suspension, so that “beginning” wasn’t that great, either.  Maybe everybody needs to be patient, still.  But it seems like there are matters that can be corrected to assist the team to get back onto a winning track that are not being addressed.  So, fans wonder: What’s going on?  What’s “the real story”?  Because the same old answers are starting to sound like excuses.

C’mon, Lakers: Let’s start a winning again!  A 6-Game homestand is upon us – show us some Magic!  Even if it does mean just buying him a front row seat.

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