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This Lakers Season Is All About Change

Why would any of us fans and followers of The Los Angeles Lakers question their management team in deciding what is best for them to be doing as they rebuild their team?  If you have followed this team for as long as I have, then you know all about “The House that Jack Kent Cooke built,” that is, The Fabulous Forum (which is actually in Inglewood, adjacent to Hollywood Park Racetrack & Casino), and – of course – Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar

For days, if not weeks, fans have been asking for Lakers Head Coach Mike Brown’s head on a silver platter!  Do some now have the audacity to question why he is being fired?  I know, it’s a different grouping of people; I get it – everybody is entitled to their own opinion (therefore, this blog).  See what others are saying about this on Twitter: #Lakers.  Think about it, though: Why were we all being fed a steady dose of lame answers to questions about why the team is struggling?  I believe it’s because of the new Time Warner Cable contract – nobody wants to start off a new era, with a new partner, one so generous as to give the franchise the kind of money the players will all benefit from, by being negative.  So, instead, answers given were excuses – “We just need to have patience,” “It’s going to take some time to learn this new Princeton Offense,” etc.

And then, if you’re like me, you find yourself watching TNT’s NBA doubleheader last night and it hits you:  The Clippers aren’t having much trouble dispatching The Blazers, raking in a victory on the road after they could have played flat from a home victory the night before vs. The Spurs.  The Clippers have a new list of talent, players rumored during the off-season that even The Lakers wanted: Jamaal Crawford, Grant Hill, and Lakers reject Matt Barnes (not to mention Rony Turiaf, and the pitiful presence of Lamar Odom).  The Clippers haven’t needed patience, or “time,” learning how to play together!  And, if Mike Brown’s own words mean anything, The Lakers defense is the same as last year with roughly the same players – including a better defensive Center, the best one in the entire league!

So, what is the truth behind The Lakers struggles?  Apparently team management determined that the common denominator was Mike Brown.  Is this really such a surprise?  Yes, he’s a very likeable guy – Mike Brown has passion, he has desire, he wants his players to perform well, to win!  But he just wasn’t effective as this team’s head coach.  I am not going to start doubting the ability of this ownership group to make sound decisions!  I am not going to start sounding off, like Shaq did, that I am – somehow – smarter than The Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak!  It didn’t take that long after Kobe Bryant tried acting that way for the next season without Shaq to see the light, to see the error of his ways, and to back off and defer all player personnel decisions to the front office and no longer attempt to answer them himself!

Mike Brown is no longer the Head Coach of The Los Angeles Lakers: I wish him well, with whatever opportunities he might enjoy in the future.

I am eager to see what lies ahead for The Los Angeles Lakers, aren’t you?  I will stand behind the decisions The Lakers have made, as this team moves forward, just like when they traded Derek Fisher away last season (In exchange, we received Jordan Hill – that’s a really good thing!).  I stood behind The Lakers when they traded away Norm Nixon, one of my favorite Lakers of all-time, to get Byron Scott to play alongside Magic Johnson!  That was a great move!  What they did to position themselves in the draft to select Kobe Bryant was a phenomenal move, too!  Imagine that: The Los Angeles Lakers, winners of 16 NBA championships, have a history of making great decisions!  In other news, apparently players on The Lakers roster aren’t always that good at making good decisions – Devin Ebanks was picked up early this morning of a suspected DUI (story).

I have no reason to doubt that The Lakers decision by its management team in this matter, the firing of Head Coach Mike Brown today, is anything but what is truly best for the team and the organization.Assistant Coach Bernie Bickerstaff will step into the void immediately, with no indication of whether or not that appointment is on a long-term or short-term basis.  Howev er, there is great interest by fans, and even current players, that Phil Jackson return to coach the team!  Others rumored to be in consideration for the job include Mike d’Antoni, Brian Shaw and Jerry Sloan.  Personally, I would like to see Kurt Rambis end up with a second opportunity to coach The Lakers – why not?  He was groomed by Phil Jackson, and he knows the organization, he knows basketball – like Mitch Kupchak, he was a Power Forward with a knack for doing the heavy lifting, and to scramble after every loose ball, just like Jordan Hill has been doing for us.

I cast my vote for Kurt Rambis to be The Los Angeles Lakers’ new head coach!  In the meantime, Bernie Bickerstaff should do a fine job.

Let’s go, Lakers!  Let’s get on a roll!  What better time to do it than the present?  A 6-game homestand awaits: may “we the fans” have lots of stuff to cheer for!

Thanks for reading! Ron

On Twitter @LkrzFan4Life

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