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Bernie Bickerstaff Undefeated as Lakers Head Coach after 2 Games

The Los Angeles Lakers finally did it: They won 2 consecutive games!  A winning streak has emerged, even in the wake of Mike Brown’s firing, and to the credit of interim head coach Bernie Bickerstaff!

L a k e r s  win!  L a k e r s  win!

Lakers 103, Kings 90The Lakers had trouble against The Sacramento Kings, during the pre-season; but, without DeMarcus Cousins tonight, The Kings were clearly outmatched up front, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol having big night’s again – as well as Metta World Peace, and Jordan Hill (5 offensive rebounds, 4-4 FTs) off the bench…

NBA Standings | Today’s Scores (Box Scores/Recaps) 

Kobe Bryant also scored 20, by the way – in case you were wondering. smh

Time Warner Live TV

If you’re still unable to get SportsNet because you’re not a Time Warner Cable subscriber, hopefully you are with a Cable TV subscriber that has finally buckled under pressure and signed on to cover Lakers games – unlike DirecTV, so far.  Who knows why that’s still pending: Is it pending?  Have you commented via the Internet at iwantmylakers.com?

About tonight’s game, if you wanted my post-game wrap-up, I can’t help you: I returned home, only to see the last few seconds of the game, listening to John Ireland & Mychal Thompson argue on the radion about whether or not the game was over yet, when it was 81-66 – that was about a mile north of Rosamond, returning with my family from Disney on Ice up in Bakersfield.  The kids loved it!  We sat in Section 112, Row E, Seast 1-4.  It was a blast!  There will be photos on Facebook very soon.  But, now, I am primed for the encore performance of tonight’s game: I can’t wait!  This is going to be great!

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