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What Are You Thankful For?

Yes, this is a blog about The Lakers! This isn’t about Thanksgiving, but it is a reference to being a person of thankfulness, of being thankful for life situations that occur – whether or not they are first seen in an acceptable light, or not.


The NBA @ Yahoo! Sports

For instance, The Clippers are starting off this NBA season very well, but – most likely (?) – The Lakers should be atop the division, possibly even the conference, prior to the All-Star Break (I know, I am biased: What can I say?). If you’re a Clippers fan, maybe you don’t accept that as coming from a person with a firm grip on reality! But, then there is an article like what I was reading just moments ago: Can Clippers Sacrifice Egos and Minutes? (SEE Yahoo! Sports article)

Some problems are nice to have! It appears that The Clippers will be dealing with a problem of finding available minutes for guys now that will be more disgruntled fairly soon, as Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups return to the team off of the injured reserve list. What will Vinnie del Negro do then? Read the article.

If teammates had Chris Paul’s mentality on the matter, they might be more thankful for what is occurring – they might be seeing the long-term benefit of limited playing time now as being able to make a deep run in the playoffs later – with fresh legs, eagerness at a high level. Chris Paul is quoted as saying: It’s not about me, it’s about we.

Similarly, The Lakers have begun the season with Mike Brown being able to utilize a limited (?) Dwight Howard; and, the concern was always: If you run veterans at high minutes during the regular season, then you run the risk of them running out of gas before the playoffs begin. Of course, “Pop” has tried to limit his aging roster to a max number of games in recent years, and The San Antonio Spurs still haven’t been able to sustain a deep run into the playoffs regardless of those efforts (By the way, as I write this I am fully aware of the fact that The Clippers beat The San Antonio Spurs tonight – something that The Lakers had an opportunity to do last Friday but failed to accomplish. Congrats, Clippers!).

The point is: (More)


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  1. Anonymous
    20 November 2012 at 5:25 pm

    D’Antoni might be able to keep his “D,” after all!

    • Anonymous
      20 November 2012 at 5:30 pm

      James Worthy makes your point in the article (above): “Without a question,” said former Lakers champion and SportsNet analyst James Worthy. “No defense, no rebound, no rings.”

      I agree: The Lakers have always been a team that played significantly better defense in the playoffs than most teams, and rebounding has never been a negative. The Lakers have always been a tough, physical, great rebounding team. D’Antoni basketball may not signal a return to Showtime, but it might mimic it really, really well!

  2. Anonymous
    20 November 2012 at 5:15 pm

    @SheridanHoops Chris Sheridan shared a link on Twitter about injuries I thought might interest you.

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