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Evaluating Mike D’Antoni as a Lakers Head Coach, Part One

If there is one trait that Lakers management shares with their new head coach, Mike D’Antoni, it’s this: Impatience. Think about it: Wasn’t Mike Brown supposed to have 20 games before they evaluated whether or not to move forward with a Princeton Offense? (By the way, this Friday’s game against The Oklahoma City Thunder will be the 20th game of this season, and The Lakers will be hard-pressed to be a .500 ball club at the end of that game.) But the irony is, outside of Kobe Bryant, that’s the one thing (patience) that the players for The Lakers do have: They seem to express patience in great abundance during post-game interviews! The Lakers’ players don’t seem to have any real sense of urgency to play better, yet; instead, what “we the fans” continue to hear is a steady stream of “We’re improving” comments. Excuses?

D’Antoni isn’t making those same excuses; yes, he tried to temper things, at first – the “Wait ’til Steve shows up; we’ll be fine” -smokescreen was just to distance himself from all of us over-analyzing every little nuance of what The Lakers do every game, picking through every move he makes with a fine-toothed comb. And then he benches Jordan Hill, last Sunday: I lost it! And then he benches Pau Gasol: Antawn Jamison gets his 1st start, and The Lakers put up 2 poor games in a row vs. The Indiana Pacers & The Houston Rockets?

I think we tend to interpret the pace at which The Lakers are advancing to come together as an unstoppable force as too slow, or perhaps impossibly slow – as if this squad will never find a way to put together all the little things that make a good team great. However, I believe there is always hope – and you do, too. Don’t you? There’s always that glimmer of hope, that silver lining, that our team can – and will! – turn things around. Isn’t there? …MORE

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