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Lakers Night Off? Road Game @ Denver a Complete Disaster, Losing 126-114

I’m sure most of the players for The Lakers wanted to win last night, to keep their streak alive. But, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” are just amazingly great lyrics of a Rolling Stones song that has transcended generations of music. Those words were never more true than last night. I wanted to be home to watch a game I had expected to find indicative of a Lakers pursuit for the playoffs that would be evident to the world in their persistent, persevering new effort on defense they showcased on Christmas Day (yesterday) vs. The New York Knicks @ Staples Center to extend their winning streak to 5 games! But…

Not meant to be. I wanted to see The Lakers play – “live.” I will still watch the Time Warner replay later! Believe it (I’m editing these comments now, after watching the encore performance of the train wreck last night. Time: 2012:12:27:1015). But I was called away to other matters, by the Big Man Himself! I always expected I might only see the 2nd Half of the game, as our family “plan” was to spend a significant part of today with my wife’s mom, who is in a Board & Care facility – she would have been confused, flustered, lost in the shuffle of 25 people here yesterday. So, a smaller Christmas gathering with her seemed best – but even that visit was shortened today, due to fatigue, confusion (dementia is awful). The Lakers biggest problem last night? Indifference. I am so glad I resisted the temptation to selfishly demand my right to be a total do-nothing, stay home, and watch a Lakers game that was so depressing.

None of what I wanted to have happen happened, however, before one of life’s little ironies played out in our lives. I’m good with that: I get accused of being spontaneous all the time. I like unplanned moments in life. But where irony occurs, God is usually involved in making something special happen – if you’re paying attention. The blessing was that a miracle of God happened right before our eyes, and we were able to participate in a small part of it, helping a young lady find shelter, food & safety tonight – as we inch closer to temperatures that could bring a bit of snow tomorrow or the next day. What none of us as fans of The Lakers seem to be able to do is to will on our team to playing better, night in, and night out.

Irony further explained: As a good union member, I try to only browse in Super WalMart stores; instead, I bring my daughters there to teach them to plan, prepare, consider, wonder, dream – mostly it’s “eyes, no fingers.” I hate crowds, and I’m claustrophobic; however, I was suddenly compelled to get our 2 girls out of the house so my wife could wrap more presents – believe it! –  in peace & quiet! I was in electronics first, toys next, women’s clothing last – it could’ve happened in reverse order! But suddenly a young lady is seeking help from anybody who could help her – desperate, but not begging, expecting no assistance but hopeful nevertheless. It was “a God moment”!

Pastors from our church will help her out tomorrow, during daylight hours, to get her the assistance she needs, as I go to work. But I am thankful to have missed The Lakers game tonight in order for God to be able to better utilize my time unto His own purposes. It was a thrill to be able to assist, in the moment. Watching the repeat of the game to figure out how the train derailed wasn’t that much fun. Dwight & Steve sniping at each other early, Kobe disagreeing with Dwight after the game on whether or not the flagrant 2 was appropriate isn’t going to help, either. I’m not sure who can help The Lakers become better-focused, more highly-committed to reaching any perceived goal of winning a ring – that seems very unlikely this year, at this moment (It’s sad to say, but The Clippers seem to have a better shot at being successful in the playoffs than The Lakers right now.).

It appears most fans would have liked to have taken tonight off (my take on “tweets” I have been reading), since it appears that The Lakers did – well, Kobe Bean Bryant popped off for another 40 points. Amazing! But the chemistry of The Denver Nuggets that Denverstiffs.com says is still “incubating” is meshing far better than what The Lakers have developed so far this season. The collective ability of The Lakers to win has improved, with the emergence of Steve Nash back onto the hardwood. But their weaknesses were exposed last night: Defense was missing, lapsed, late… (Recap) smh

Not meant to be: No excuses, but… I get the feeling that The Los Angeles Lakers are a bit tired of these ridiculous, annual trips to Denver of back-to-back games ending with fatigue from travel and inefficient play due to breathing issues at high altitude – unable to arrive a day early to get acclimated to being so near to Denver’s Mile High Stadium (where some football players are known to be unable to travel to due to medical reasons). They looked lethargic, lacking that crisp effort they had shown a day before in Los Angeles. But Denver played at Staples Center the night before losing badly to The Clippers, not the noon time slot that The Lakers enjoyed. Like I said, no excuses – except perhaps that The Nuggets are more conditioned to play there since it’s their home court… Scratch that: The NBA has had them on the road most of the season, so far – oddly enough. Anyway… Not much irony. No lack of understanding. The NBA is just stupid setting up teams for failure like that – certainly more understanding can be brought into the effort of developing a season schedule. Or not. If it happened occasionally, fine; but, when it happens every year? No. Gimme a break.

But Dwight Howard found a way to stop the madness, getting a Flagrant 2 called against him – sending any hope of a Lakers effort to mount a comeback, to once again snatch victory from defeat, tonight out the window. Metta World Peace almost had the lead down to 5 points late in the 4th Quarter! But he missed the layup… Ridiculous. Gallinari 3-pointer, and the outcome wasn’t up for grabs any longer. MWP then fouled out, leaving what few pieces resembling any ability by The Lakers to be able to play defense in ruins. Apparently Corey Brewer killed us, off the bench. Kenneth Faried dominated the paint. I mostly saw silly shots by Andre Miller and poor play by Andre Iguodola overcome by whomever else was on the court for Denver. Nothing that The Lakers tried late held much promise of creating a momentum shift that would close the gap, after MWP’s miscue.


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