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Lakers Flounder in Phoenix, Lose Winnable Game Late: 92-86

30 January 2013 Leave a comment

It was a rather surreal ending to a game that

The Los Angeles Lakers

tried to giveaway early with

9 turnovers in the 1st Quarter alone.

Did you see how the fisherman today caught a marlin that sunk his boat?

It’s how I think of this Lakers season, so far…


The Buss Family, and probably Mitch Kupchak too, were likely smiling from ear to ear at the prospect of signing Steve Nash & Dwight Howard before it ever happened. That’s probably what these marlin hunters were feeling, too!

What a great idea: It’ll be fun. What could possibly go wrong?

Last night: It was a strange game, in that

The Phoenix Suns couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn

for over 5 minutes of the 2nd Quarter,

hitting only their 1st 3-18 shots!

The marlin story is just a bit more strange…

But The Lakers seem determined to chart a course

of disastrous proportions!

Oddly, the score was tied at halftime, 41 apiece. It was tied last in the 4th Quarter, too – at 82 apiece with 3:37 left to play. That was after The Lakers had enjoyed a double-digit lead, but before Dwight Howard re-injured the labrum in his bad shoulder. And that’s how The Lakers then played – badly. The Suns went on a 10-4 run to close out the contest, Kobe Bryant missing a game-tying layup he tried left-handed that caromed off the glass.

Final Score: Suns 92, Lakers 86 (Recap).

It’s not what The Lakers needed starting their Grammy Road Trip of 7 games… So, we stay tuned, for further developments, hoping that there is still life in these Lakers that can be spun into a series of wins that will once again propel them toward a playoff bid. But… reality is starting to take the place of wishful thinking.

Kobe Bryant had 9 assists early in the 3rd Quarter, and

he finished the game with 9 assists: Hmmm….


C’mon, Lakers! Dig deep. You’ve got talent:

Let’s see it amount to something – this year.

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Lakers Hold Off Hornets Late Comeback Effort for 3rd Straight Win!

30 January 2013 Leave a comment

At 98-80, The Los Angeles Lakers lead over The visiting New Orleans Hornets slid to 102-101 before a basket by Earl Clark from inside the paint and a #Nashty 3-pointer by Steve Nash brought the lead  back to a 6-point cushion. Wow! That Ryan Anderson dude is deadly! But his marksmanship was off just enough, for The Lakers to squeak out a victory. Antawn Jamison extended the late lead back to a 5-point margin with 15 seconds to play with a drive through the paint to the hoop, beating his man off the dribble – following an Eric Gordon spot up bomb beyond the arc. The Hornets gave The Lakers a tough contest for a full 48 minutes. Final Score: Lakers 111, Hornets 106 (BoxScore).

Here comes the “Grammy’s road trip,” vacating Staples Center this time of the year every season. This time it will be a 7-game trip that could potentially see The Lakers return home with a .500 record! Earl Clark was awfully tough, with another double-double: 20 points, 12 rebounds,  4 assists, 4-5 from 3pt-range which is a really fantastic stat line for anybody but especially for a guy lost at the end of the bench not that long ago. Wow! The entire bench put together a fantastic, collective effort: Meeks & Jamison were huge, Steve Blake got some time on the court after a long layoff due to his abdominal injury…

But the story is still the “playmaker” makeover that has been done to Kobe Bryant! Tonight, he had another chance for a triple-double fall short; but, what he has sacrificed in total points is more than made up for by his increase in assists! He gets to throw the ball to Dwight Howard for dunks and a career 50% shooter in Steve Nash: #UnKBvble! He ended up with only 14 points but also 11 assists and 8 rebounds! Dwight Howard didn’t rebound that well, but Earl Clark and Kobe Bryant led the way to a rebound differential of Lakers 63, Hornets 44.

Dwight Howard shot a little bit better from the Free Throw line tonight (6-11), but seeing Pau Gasol sit out the 4th Quarter due to The Hornets going small didn’t delight him at all; yet, D’Antoni probably made the right decision – he tried everything but bringing in Gasol to stem the surge by The Hornets (possibly because of Pau’s poor Free Throw shooting; 5-8). Dwight Howard ended up with 24 points but only 4 rebounds; yet, he made up for some of that by his mere presence, and made 5 steals plus 4 blocks! So, he was a force to be reckoned with, defensively. Yet, some D12 had the worst +/- rating of any starters: –13.

The energy & efficiency off the bench by Jamison, Meeks & Blake more than made up for inefficiencies of the starters; but, listening to Kobe Bryant and Head Coach Mike D’Antoni after the game some things were said that were quite intriguing –

  • 1) I love the fact that Kobe shared that a defensive “blueprint” was developed after studying videotape and that 2nd & 3rd options were part of that planning process; and
  • 2) D’Antoni mentioned that The Hornets like to lull you into believing you’re shooting well by not defending you well early so that when they ratchet up their pressure your flustered (my words/interpretation of what was actually said). But what that means to me is that the team is still listening to him, and communicating with each other, and therefore doing whatever needs to be done to secure each victory – one game at a time.

Keep up the good work, Lakers! Extending the winning streak into this road trip would be great! Coming back 26-26 would be a phenomenal achievement! Lakers fans are all behind you!

C’mon, @Lakers! Let’s go! Into the playoffs seems possible now: Make the NBA stand in awe of your greatness once again, so that all may fear having to play against you in a run through the playoffs to The Finals! You knocked off OKC, and now it’s time to show The Miami Heat what awaits them in their quest to retain the title. Keep up the good work! No looking back, because that only creates pillars of salt.

Let’s go, #Lakers! Let’s go!

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Lakers led by PG Kobe Johnson with Thunderous Back-to-Back Quality Wins!

27 January 2013 Leave a comment

The Lakers newest makeover is a smashing hit with the fans! Kobe Bryant as a facilitator? The Point Guard? 14 assists in 2 games in a row? It seems to be working, taking Steve Nash over to the SG spot. Staples Center was alive with fans who have been starving for victories. The Los Angeles Lakers did not disappoint us with a huge statement game against The Oklahoma City Thunder! Final Score: Lakers 105, Thunder 96 (Recap).

To be able to play the kind of containment defense that The Lakers placed upon The Thunder today was nothing short of amazing, as Russell Westbrook had a very difficult time getting started; and Kevin Durant tallied a lot of points, but it came at the price of a lot of attempts. Nick Collison would normally come into the game with a surge of energy we can rarely stop, but The Lakers neutralized almost everything that The Thunder tried to do. Even their coach Scott Brooks said: “Kobe picked us apart…”

Dwight Howard didn’t have the same effectiveness in this game that he had against The Utah Jazz on Friday. But,… Pau Gasol was close to the unstoppable force he once was – that level of play we all believed he is still capable of but haven’t seen in a couple years. Metta World Peace played well, Earl Clark did also. But self-inflicted foul trouble by D12 and total team turnovers allowed The Thunder to keep the final outcome a guessing game until late in the 4th Quarter. It was a weird game, in that Russell Westbrook and Kobe Bryant for opposing both almost had triple-doubles! Of course, today is the day the NBA’s leader in triple-doubles was announced to be out for the season with a torn ACL: Boston’s Rajon Rondo.

With Steve Blake on the mend, and available for Tuesday’s game, I wonder if there is any truth to any of the trade rumors that The Lakers will do anything significant now. Doesn’t the game change now that there is this glaring prooblem for The Boston Celtics to grapple with? Will they trade for a PG, or will they trade away Garnett & Pierce to teams with better opportunities to contend for the title this year with aging players that may retire at the end of this season? Steve Blake should give The Lakers better stability in the back court when Steve Nash and/or Steve Nash are subbed out: Can we please show Chris Duhon a place on the bench deeper down the well than Devin Ebanks and Rob Sacre? Maybe The Celtics would be interested in him? Is Darious Morris and Chris Duhon enough for them to trade to us Paul Pierce? Do we want him? Wouldn’t he like to go out in a blaze of glory where he grew up?

The real tell-tale sign of The Lakers turning this season around seems to be their sincere effort to communicate better on the court, which has led primarily to better helpside defense for each other. It was true on Friday night and evident during today’s game as well. “Wired Up” during ABC’s coverage today, it was kind of funny to hear Head Coach Mike D’Antoni telling Earl Clark to never, ever leave Kevin Durant for any reason. Yeah, well… good advice; but, hard to do! But post-game comments suggest Metta World Peace, Dwight Howard & others believe that what they’re now doing is what they always needed to do: Communicate! Dwight suggested that hitting “rock bottom” was necessary for change to ever occur. So, hopefuly what we witnessed as they dug a 17-25 hole is behind them! Pau Gasol seems to believe that if they play like they have been playing these last 2 games that they shouldn’t necessary lose any more games this season! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Are you thinking what I am thinking? If you’re believing that there is actually hope for The Lakers to make the playoffs, then we’re on the same page! If you’re singing praises to the Lord for the recognition of Earl Clark’s talent to play at a high level, then we’re probably singers in the same church choir! I was honestly in a great deal of frustration with the news of Jordan Hill’s injury, and I had no idea then that I would be so elated now to know that Steve Blake will be available to play in The Lakers next game! Pau Gasol has awakened an energy from within being so angry at not starting that his game has returned to the greatness of yesteryear. But probably the single most head-turner is the role reversals of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash! Who knew Kobe Bryant’s transformation into a premier NBA Point Guard would be so successful? Of course, those torpedoes he threw to Pau Gasol & Earl Clark were almost Colin Kaepernick -like: It was amazing, and probably should not be expected, that anybody was able to catch them – passes that could use a little more touch, the finesse of a Steve Nash, for instance.

For now, we all get to overlook the turnovers and the contagious effect of Dwight Howard’s free throw shooting on the rest of the team. For now, we are going to revel in the winning streak that included this amazing win over the best team in The Western Conference (The Oklahoma City Thunder). Kobe Bryant is simply “the best,” The Most Valuable Player in the NBA! Who knew that The Black Mamba could so suddenly transform into a threat for nightly triple-doubles? His value to any team is beyond words: Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook have a long way to go before they will ever command the attention of the NBA’s fans the world over like Kobe Bryant does.

Let’s go, Lakers! Let’s go!

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Lakers Fans Singing After Silencing Jazz with Rendition of Beatles Classic on The Court Last Night: “Come Together”, Right Now

26 January 2013 1 comment

What happened to our 17-25 Lakers? Other than the wins vs. The Golden State Warriors followed up Christmas Day vs. The New York Knicks, this may be the most exciting win of the season that we all witnessed last night vs. The Utah Jazz! We haven’t played well vs. The Jazz all season: Enes Kanter normally comes off the bench and causes us all sorts of matchup problems. The Jazz made adjustments at halftime that changed up things a bit, making passes into Dwight Howard from Kobe Bryant more difficult. Yet, no matter what surges the opponents made, The Lakers stayed focused, as a “team” – it was obvious to all who watched the contest that there was a better team spirit, more camaraderie, that communicating was at a season high… Final Score: Lakers 102, Jazz 84 (Recap).

The most intriguing aspect of the game as it unfolded was the play of Kobe Bryant: He traded roles with Steve Nash, and impersonated him very well! The Black Mamba almost had a triple-double! 14 points, 14 assists, 9 rebounds before sitting down to a standing ovation late in the 4th Quarter… He was amazing! Way to go, Kobe! But everybody chipped in to showcase a teamwork unmatched by this group of players this year in any previous game – with few exceptions: possibly the one possession loss to The San Antonio Spurs… The Lakers will need to have this same kind of effort to win tomorrow vs. The Oklahoma City Thunder.

Dwight Howard (17pts, 13rbs) was engaged in the flow of the game from the tipoff. His impact on what The Utah Jazz was able to do was obvious, yet the only times they made runs at us were when he was on the bench and we had bench players fiddling around with the basketball like they were The Washington Generals. There was only a 3-minute stretch in the 2nd Quarter that brought that sour taste to your stomach that this thing could turn out poorly if the starters didn’t get back out there: Chris Duhon and Jodie Meeks just didn’t show any ability to handle the ball well, at all. Tweets were bombarding Duhon as inept – including mine! And, I was being polite (I think). But Chris Duhon did redeem himself with a pretty move to the basket in the 2nd Half. Meeks was better in the 2nd Half, too.

The storyline is most intriguing in the way that Steve Nash played Shooting Guard and Kobe Bryant was a facilitator, all game long. Pau Gasol (7-8FGs, 1-4FTs, 7RBs) played as a “Super Sub,” playing with a competitive spirit, getting into an altercation with Paul Millsap at one point. Derrick Favors was some trouble for The Lakers big men, but The Lakers ferocity on defense was enough to keep Al Jefferson & Company at bay. The ugly 3rd Quarter was due to a defensive battle, The Lakers losing the battle of that quarter by only a 15-16 tally: I’d call that a draw. I was proud of how well our guys dug in their heels, and held off the surge of The Utah Jazz as they tried to manhandle us a little bit, trying to create a swing of momentum to fall in their favor.

The pace and flow of the game was dictated by The Lakers from tipoff, though – and that started with Kobe Bryant as he was looking all night long for ways to get his teammates involved in the action. Every time that The Lakers needed a big shot they got it – from Metta World Peace! I had felt that The Lakers would win 108-101 before tipoff if they won the battle of the boards: I’m glad my score was off! Fans got to enjoy free tacos! I’m just glad for the win. I’ll be happier if they win tomorrow, with a winning streak that will be so much sweeter by knocking off our Western Conference champions from last season, The Oklahoma City Thunder. I wonder what song I’ll be humming if they do that? I believe Pau Gasol is correct, that The Lakers shouldn’t lose to anybody for the rest of the season if they play like they did last night.

Go, Lakers!

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Today, This Lakers Fan is Thinking About The Super Bowl – until around 5pm…

23 January 2013 1 comment

Which team do you like as a Super Bowl winner this year?


My team enjoys views like this more frequently than the other: It’s beautiful by the bay, isn’t it?

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This Lakers Fan is Not Wearing a Clippers Jersey Yet, Although it Feels Like it Sometimes

22 January 2013 Leave a comment

It’s taken the watching of The Lakers latest effort at playing the game of basketball twice and footage as others have broken it down since they lost to The Chicago Bulls yesterday for me to finally get to a point where I even want to write about this latest loss. I have a new respect for those who are “required” as part of their job to write about this team as they travel across the country watching them lose more games than ever expected from a roster this deep in talent.

Listening to Mark Willard and Ramona Shellburne break down a story written by a longtime observer of Dwight Howard, Jarrod Rudolph, of the trade rumor now floating about that The Brooklyn Nets are still interested in pursuing him and creating a 3-team trade that would send Brooke Lopez to Minnesota and Kevin Love to Los Angeles is far more interesting thanwriting about the winnable road game they lost last night. The Lakers were tied at 69-69 at the end of the 3rd Quarter and forgot how to play this very simple game! James Worthy, after the game ended, spoke of how by theis sports’ designer – Jack Naismith – “Basketball 101” just can’t seem to flow from the hands of The Lakers yet this season.

Final Score: Bulls 95, Lakers 83 (Recap).

Earl Clark has continued to be a breath of fresh air! Sure, he gets caught out of position, defensively – like everybody else on the squad. But only occasionally. Steve Nash can’t guard anybody, seemingly; but, we need him to orchestrate the offense, so does that mean he has a pass? He does try! He even shot more, finally – way to go, Steve! But Kirk Hinrich, really? Once again, a guy goes for his season high against us: great! Who will it be next game? Memphis Grizzlies: I don’t want to think about it! Maybe we could trade Pau Gasol back to them for his brother, Marc Gasol, whom we were right about drafting… But Dwight Howard only had 5 shot attempts. You did read that correctly: Dwight Howard only had 5 shot attempts! Why would anybody on a team with Dwight Howard ever think they could win if they only gave him 5 shot attempts? The Lakers were in the game! It was 69-69 before they completely lost their minds when the 4th Quarter began…

Sorry, I was in a dream state there – it may happen again. The one thing I am rock solid certain about is: like Mike Bresnahan, very few people probably bother to read my summary of The Lakers games outside of my father and a few friends (who aren’t even Lakers fans!). Off the Twitter account of Mike Bresnahan (who writes for The Los Angeles Times)is a review of last night’s game that’s come out as slowly as mine is! I suggest you leave this page and read his piece, since this is still a work-in-progress (on breaks, at work). Somebody’s gotta keep the airplanes apart!

Okay, I’m back: What was I writing about? Oh that, yes, another Lakers loss. Wonderful. Not. But can be done for The Los Angeles Lakers to move forward as an organization to reconcile the difficulties they are having putting a winning team on the floor other than making a blockbuster trade? Yes, my preference would be that Pau Gasol return to the form of play he had when we first acquired him from The Memphis Grizzlies for Kwame Brown that led to our last 2 championships. But, it doesn’t seem plausible that such will occur: he appears to have tailed off early in his “prime” to be worth about as much as Antawn Jamison – a memory of a NBA star who once played great, who once commanded the attention of fans & foes. But that Pau Gasol hasn’t been seen on the hardwood floors of Staples Center in quite some time – years, even.

The head coach Mike D’Antoni isn’t going anywhere: it now appears we may have been served better by patiently waiting for Mike Brown to bring the team into an effective utilization of The Princeton Offense. The Lakers players just seem so lost in being able to put anything together with their current roster. I liked Jodie Meeks, but his value has dipped – somehow. My favorite Lakers player was Jordan Hill, but his reckless abandon style left him in unavailable for the season – surgery still pending for his injured hip. The most perplexing matter is how Earl Clark was never considered a valued commodity before Hill went down? Here’s this guy on your team that has done nothing but play at a high level once given the chance to get on the court: How did you as an organization not know his worth? Why did he have less value to you than Rob Sacre? Why did he sit on the bench, never hardly play, even when Sacre was in the D-League playing for The L.A. D-Fenders?

Bresnahan & Kevin Ding may be on to something: Huge player contracts may have forced management’s hands to play this guy or that guy as a starter, even though there are other guys on the bench who give you a better chance to win: What would you do? Incentive clauses in such contracts for star players may make it difficult for a head coach to make difficult choices, if your General Manager is telling you that there are costs they will eat if conditional aspects of a contract aren’t met. Above my pay grade, to consider – and probaby yours. But why else would lousy decisions by The Lakers continue to impact the success of the team come time for a tipoff? This Lakers organization was better than this, at one time; they might still be better than this description of them – I hope they are, for the sake of “we the fans”! This is not a winning formula for Time Warner Cabe to broadcast such inconsistent, horrible play. What will The Lakers do? Hopefully they can do something! But is anything a good idea? Is staying the course best? I suddenly love my job – a lot more than I did last Thursday.

— more to come (perhaps) —


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As a Fan of The Lakers & 49ers Today, I was Glad 49ers Played Last!

20 January 2013 Leave a comment

What a contrast today between the performances of the teams I most like to pay attention to!

The Lakers played terribly in a game they almost won! No, not today – Friday, when The Miami Heat barely beat them, during a game of poor defensive play, lousy shot selection, lack of consistent effort, you name it. Today, the weirdest part of the game was how when down late (4:30 to play) by 19 points at Toronto, after Dwight Howard had been ejected much earlier, they end up only losing by only 5 points! Once again, The Lakers lost a game they should have won easily, which they valiantly tried to win late, but with another ineffective effort on defense almost all game long: Why? The players and coaches seem to be locked into a losing formula.

Some people don’t think giving up on a winning quarterback that The San Francisco 49ers had drafted in the 1st Round (Alex Smith) makes any sense, either. But Colin Kaepernick adds a new dynamic to the mix of what the 49ers can do! He can throw the deep ball to Moss & Crabtree, stretching the field to keep the defense honest when they then choose to hand off the ball to Gore and get more yards than if the defense could/would stack the line of scrimmage with more bodies. If they wanted to do more than just make the playoffs, The 49ers had to make a hard decision to fine-tune what they were capable of doing on the field.

I don’t know which to comment on most: The 49ers win or The Lakers failure.

I don’t generally write about the 49ers at all – and that’s not because I don’t have a high opinion of them: there are only 24 hours in a day! And I have a wife, 2 kids, a job, and other matters in life that are of some importance to me that just make it difficult to do more writing (and tweeting!) than I already do! I wish I had a job writing a blog like Darius Soriano, or traveled with the Lakers like Kevin Ding. I wish I did write for Hoops World like Eric Pincus; but, I also have a lot of respect for them as writers that I am good with my lot in life and appreciate their perspectives. I have now listened to Coach Dave Miller and James Worthy comment on the game, the morning after. It’s embarrassing that The Lakers haven’t figured out how to make proper adjustments to their scheme with the personnel that they have – they shouldn’t have to look beyond the current roster, but what choice do they have? I mean, if The Lakers organizatin, the Buss family, Kupchak, everybody, is truly committed to putting a winning team on the floor – and you know they are! – then they will not do nothing. Right?

So, where does that leave you and me?

The Lakers were losing a game everybody expected them to win and rallied late but still lost. Does it need to be broken down better than that for you? Final Score: Raptors 108, Lakers 103 (Recap). So what, if Dwight Howard fouled out – you still have to play through adversity, if you want to win badly enough. Every team feels like its us vs. them plus the referees – as if it’s 5 against 8. When I was a coach, thankfully it was only 5 against 7. Thankfully, I coached young children who were part of an after school sports team which meant I didn’t have to play everybody if I didn’t want to like you have to do in a parks & rec league. Whatever the coaching staff is doing with this team, it seems to be impaired by high salary players with certain demands – and I just don’t get why the things that are allowed to happen ever do. Pau Gasol wants to be a starter and thinks he should be there at crunch time, at the end of games? You’re play doesn’t prove it, Pau! Nash needs to shoot more, as a career high-percentage shooter, not letting Kobe loft up 32 shots for 26 points: that’s horrendous! No, Kobe Bryant isn’t going to score 81 points vs. The Raptors every time The Lakers play in Toronto and he shouldn’t be given the greenlight to try to! I blame the coaching staff.

Yes, I will probably re-watch the game to try to gleam something good out of nothing. So far, all I am getting is repeats of Lakeshow from Time Warner Cable. Maybe they’re choosing to save me from the embarassment of seeing this disastrous effort again: Thank you, Time Warner! Thank you from saving me from further misery. I wonder what the sponsors for this channel are paying for ad spots right now…

In better news…

The 49ers were down quickly, on the road, to the team with the best record in football, The Atlanta Falcons. Somehow, The San Francisco 49ers, one the road, were the team with the best odds to win – according to oddsmakers in Las Vegas! And win the did, blasting out of the gates to begin the 3rd Quarter with a touchdown to brig them close: 21-24. David Akers missed another FG, which made COach Jim Harbaugh and the fanbase deflated, as he has now only made 29-42 attempts this season; he started the season well, if I recall correctly. What happened? He didn’t get another opportunity, that’s what happened – well, he did make a pointer after on the final TD to win it! What happened more significantly was that Matt Ryan threw a meaningless INT to set up the missed FG, but then fumbled during the next possession that led to a San Francisco score for the lead. And then Mike Smith, Atlanta’s head coach, played conservative like Harbaugh did last year with his confidence-shaken QB Alex Smith. I really didn’t understand the play calling by Atlanta at all: Jason Snelling was not being stopped by San Francisco’s defense – in the wake of Michael Turner’s injury.

What was the key? D-E-F-E-N-S-E !!! Of course, San Francisco thought so highly of their defense that winning the coin flip they decided to start on defense – which led to Atlanta scores, over & over again. That they crawled back into contention was simply amazing! San Francisco is going to The Super Bowl! It’s going to be Harbaugh’s team vs. Harbaugh’s team! San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens. That is going to be some Super Bowl!

The Lakers? I thought the next gut-check game would be during this road trip, but not until they played The Chicago Bulls. Who knew? Now what? Is this season over? What do they do now to try to readjust the way they approach a game? There is so much talent on this roster… It looks so good on paper! So, what’s the problem?

Nobody seems to understand what The Lakers need to do to mend their losing ways and start winning again.

For the next 2 weeks, I’m just going to be happy that one of my teams is doing well: Go, 49ers!

And then I may just be waiting for the Los Angeles Dodgers to start playing their long season. This Lakers season has sure been grueling so far; maybe a 162-game season of baseball won’t be so hard to pay attention to this year.

Good luck, Kobe Bryant!

Good luck, Mitch Kupchak.

I hope you kick it in gear, soon, Lakers! Yeah, I’ll still watch: I’m a glutton for punishment. What else can I say? LkrzFan4Life isn’t going to be altered any time soon. Yes, winning is more fun. This year, I’m just going to be better at relating to how it feels to be a Clippers fan – in hopes of my team becoming good again, someday.

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