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Fellow #Lakers fans, We Need to Self-Check Our pH Levels

The thing I am reminded of as I look at who is following who on Twitter is that there are a lot of Christian athletes at the pro level of all sports. I was meditating on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 and feel that “we” – but specifically “I” – have had a problem with sin, of perpetuating a critical spirit. My apologies; please forgive me.

We are fans of one of the greatest sports franchises ever! Who are we to complain about elite level athletes who are giving a great effort every night that just happen to be losing right now? If we would just show a better spirit of (p)atience coupled to high levels of (H)umility, I believe we will all breathe easier when this team does finally come together and start winning consistently, again. We have been spoiled by great teams with great win/loss percentages over the years. Maybe a refining fire is taking place among real fans and fake fans – maybe once the fake fans stop paying attention those of us who remain will be able to rejoice without the distraction of pretenders in our midst!

If there was ever a time when The Lakers need our support, it would be now! We’re going to watch them start Sacre at Center tonight, with MWP & TheBlackMamba joining him in the front court, with Nash & Meeks rounding out the starting 5. I don’t know about you, but I am excited that Jodie Meeks will be starting! I am excited that Antawn Jamison will likely play substantial minutes, not just throwaway minutes as a test of his character. I wasn’t going to blog until this team started winning again: What can I say? I am making a liar out of myself by writing this! But I do hope that those who have ever played sports, or coached basketball, like I have, do recognize that there are periods of time when patience is needed to heal wounded warriors, and that to adapt & overcome is an art form that the best do rise to as a challenge to their character, that they can win against all odds! The Lakers have players like that on their roster! I am hopeful of seeing great things! Tonight. And the rest of the week.

Whether Dwight Howard signs with The Lakers long-term or not, I will forever be a Lakers fan!

Whether Pau Gasol ever returns to the level of play that once made him great in the eyes of most players in the world or not, I will continue to believe in his ability to be rehabilitated by the likes of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash finding a way to get the best out of him.

No matter what happens, long-term, we all know that Kobe Bryant will put on a show worth watching!

Some fans have given up on our team, because of lack of patience. The Lakers players have been humbled into understanding that to even make the playoffs they will have to find something within themselves to energize and focus their attention on winning that isn’t routine, and isn’t apparently knowable to anybody yet. Losing is merely a lesson that brings change to a daily routine: Nobody likes to lose. Everybody likes to win!

The Lakers are winners! They will find a way to make the changes necessary to get back to their winning ways! I am confident in them. Are you? Go, Lakers!

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