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Lakers Lose to NBA Champs, 92-90

So, The Los Angeles Lakers lost a game to The Miami Heat: So what? Even if they need to win most of their remaining games to have any chance of securing a playoff berth, they were going to lose a few along the way. Right? Did anybody really expect our inconsistent team to play well enough to knock off the NBA Champs? No, of course not! Final Score: Heat 99, Lakers 90 (Recap).

After The Lakers started 15-21, I went along with the crowd of people who tweet Lakers, who call in to ESPNLA 710AM – or at least tune in – to go out on that limb of predicting the future:  The Lakers will go on a  31-8 run to make the playoffs, left with another 8 games to determine their seeding – if merely 8th, or as high as 6th, perhaps. 47 games should be enough to get them into the playoffs: 50 a lock! And team’s ahead of them have been helping – by losing.

As far as last night goes, it was great to see Pau Gasol able to play! Coming off the bench make end up making the most sense, now that Earl Clark’s value is seen in a new light – offensively, but more importantly, defensively. The problems for L.A. occurred before Pau got on the court: a steady dose of turnovers. Imagine that: This team, turnover prone? Yep. Still. Whatever. But what’s truly weird about the 12 turnovers in the 1st Quarter is that The Lakers weren’t completely run off the court! Down 4 points, they then were able to grab the lead by Halftime! Late, they were tied up at 78-78, after a 13-3 run and the game was close to the end when The Heat pulled away from a 90-90 deadlock for 9 unanswered points.

What does any of that mean? It means The Heat have 2 amazing players, future Hall of Fame players: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh wasn’t much help to Miami last night – I dare say, he was neutralized. Kobe Bryant neutralized himself with some awful shooting, not efficient at all like what he provided in the last game. But Miami can’t rebound, so we were able to battle, to keep the game close. The points-in-the-paint…??? Well, somehow James & Wade scored more there than the entire Lakers team combined! Pau Gasol dunked late in the game, but Pau & Dwight both passed on dunks early which somehow ended up as blown layups…

The opportunity to steal a game from the defending champions was available, but missed free throws, and matador defense, and those things mentioned above, it all culminated in a Heat victory. That victory was secured not just because The Lakers have horrible transition defense and don’t work the pick & roll well on either end of the floor, but they just couldn’t stop LeBron James – at all. He had 38 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists! He would take the ball on an isolation play and beat everybody and I do mean anybody to the rack! Why he didn’t choose to do more of it I do not know, because he was an unstoppable force!

I’ve been saying it, writing it, for a while now: If The Lakers want to stop Hack-A-Dwight, then they have to get the other team in foul trouble early. They did that last night. Shane Battier eventually fouled out. But Ray Allen killed us, Wade killed us, LBJ walked all over us. If this was a statement game, I really don’t know what that would be: In a 7-game series, you could adjust, adapt, overcome most of the things The Lakers did wrong in order to give yourself a better chance at winning 4 games. The defense is still bad; the overall play was inconsistent – but there was still an opportunity for a win, if the ball bounced the right way in the last 2 minutes. Simply put, the better team won.

The Lakers still have a lot of work to do to improve, and improve they must, but this game indicates where they are at, and from where they need to go to get to a level of play that I still believe they can attain to in order to be successful this year! If The Lakers do go on a 31-8 run, there isn’t a team in the league that would want to play against the, come playoff season.

Go, Lakers!

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