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This Lakers Fan is Not Wearing a Clippers Jersey Yet, Although it Feels Like it Sometimes

It’s taken the watching of The Lakers latest effort at playing the game of basketball twice and footage as others have broken it down since they lost to The Chicago Bulls yesterday for me to finally get to a point where I even want to write about this latest loss. I have a new respect for those who are “required” as part of their job to write about this team as they travel across the country watching them lose more games than ever expected from a roster this deep in talent.

Listening to Mark Willard and Ramona Shellburne break down a story written by a longtime observer of Dwight Howard, Jarrod Rudolph, of the trade rumor now floating about that The Brooklyn Nets are still interested in pursuing him and creating a 3-team trade that would send Brooke Lopez to Minnesota and Kevin Love to Los Angeles is far more interesting thanwriting about the winnable road game they lost last night. The Lakers were tied at 69-69 at the end of the 3rd Quarter and forgot how to play this very simple game! James Worthy, after the game ended, spoke of how by theis sports’ designer – Jack Naismith – “Basketball 101” just can’t seem to flow from the hands of The Lakers yet this season.

Final Score: Bulls 95, Lakers 83 (Recap).

Earl Clark has continued to be a breath of fresh air! Sure, he gets caught out of position, defensively – like everybody else on the squad. But only occasionally. Steve Nash can’t guard anybody, seemingly; but, we need him to orchestrate the offense, so does that mean he has a pass? He does try! He even shot more, finally – way to go, Steve! But Kirk Hinrich, really? Once again, a guy goes for his season high against us: great! Who will it be next game? Memphis Grizzlies: I don’t want to think about it! Maybe we could trade Pau Gasol back to them for his brother, Marc Gasol, whom we were right about drafting… But Dwight Howard only had 5 shot attempts. You did read that correctly: Dwight Howard only had 5 shot attempts! Why would anybody on a team with Dwight Howard ever think they could win if they only gave him 5 shot attempts? The Lakers were in the game! It was 69-69 before they completely lost their minds when the 4th Quarter began…

Sorry, I was in a dream state there – it may happen again. The one thing I am rock solid certain about is: like Mike Bresnahan, very few people probably bother to read my summary of The Lakers games outside of my father and a few friends (who aren’t even Lakers fans!). Off the Twitter account of Mike Bresnahan (who writes for The Los Angeles Times)is a review of last night’s game that’s come out as slowly as mine is! I suggest you leave this page and read his piece, since this is still a work-in-progress (on breaks, at work). Somebody’s gotta keep the airplanes apart!

Okay, I’m back: What was I writing about? Oh that, yes, another Lakers loss. Wonderful. Not. But can be done for The Los Angeles Lakers to move forward as an organization to reconcile the difficulties they are having putting a winning team on the floor other than making a blockbuster trade? Yes, my preference would be that Pau Gasol return to the form of play he had when we first acquired him from The Memphis Grizzlies for Kwame Brown that led to our last 2 championships. But, it doesn’t seem plausible that such will occur: he appears to have tailed off early in his “prime” to be worth about as much as Antawn Jamison – a memory of a NBA star who once played great, who once commanded the attention of fans & foes. But that Pau Gasol hasn’t been seen on the hardwood floors of Staples Center in quite some time – years, even.

The head coach Mike D’Antoni isn’t going anywhere: it now appears we may have been served better by patiently waiting for Mike Brown to bring the team into an effective utilization of The Princeton Offense. The Lakers players just seem so lost in being able to put anything together with their current roster. I liked Jodie Meeks, but his value has dipped – somehow. My favorite Lakers player was Jordan Hill, but his reckless abandon style left him in unavailable for the season – surgery still pending for his injured hip. The most perplexing matter is how Earl Clark was never considered a valued commodity before Hill went down? Here’s this guy on your team that has done nothing but play at a high level once given the chance to get on the court: How did you as an organization not know his worth? Why did he have less value to you than Rob Sacre? Why did he sit on the bench, never hardly play, even when Sacre was in the D-League playing for The L.A. D-Fenders?

Bresnahan & Kevin Ding may be on to something: Huge player contracts may have forced management’s hands to play this guy or that guy as a starter, even though there are other guys on the bench who give you a better chance to win: What would you do? Incentive clauses in such contracts for star players may make it difficult for a head coach to make difficult choices, if your General Manager is telling you that there are costs they will eat if conditional aspects of a contract aren’t met. Above my pay grade, to consider – and probaby yours. But why else would lousy decisions by The Lakers continue to impact the success of the team come time for a tipoff? This Lakers organization was better than this, at one time; they might still be better than this description of them – I hope they are, for the sake of “we the fans”! This is not a winning formula for Time Warner Cabe to broadcast such inconsistent, horrible play. What will The Lakers do? Hopefully they can do something! But is anything a good idea? Is staying the course best? I suddenly love my job – a lot more than I did last Thursday.

— more to come (perhaps) —


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