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Lakers led by PG Kobe Johnson with Thunderous Back-to-Back Quality Wins!

The Lakers newest makeover is a smashing hit with the fans! Kobe Bryant as a facilitator? The Point Guard? 14 assists in 2 games in a row? It seems to be working, taking Steve Nash over to the SG spot. Staples Center was alive with fans who have been starving for victories. The Los Angeles Lakers did not disappoint us with a huge statement game against The Oklahoma City Thunder! Final Score: Lakers 105, Thunder 96 (Recap).

To be able to play the kind of containment defense that The Lakers placed upon The Thunder today was nothing short of amazing, as Russell Westbrook had a very difficult time getting started; and Kevin Durant tallied a lot of points, but it came at the price of a lot of attempts. Nick Collison would normally come into the game with a surge of energy we can rarely stop, but The Lakers neutralized almost everything that The Thunder tried to do. Even their coach Scott Brooks said: “Kobe picked us apart…”

Dwight Howard didn’t have the same effectiveness in this game that he had against The Utah Jazz on Friday. But,… Pau Gasol was close to the unstoppable force he once was – that level of play we all believed he is still capable of but haven’t seen in a couple years. Metta World Peace played well, Earl Clark did also. But self-inflicted foul trouble by D12 and total team turnovers allowed The Thunder to keep the final outcome a guessing game until late in the 4th Quarter. It was a weird game, in that Russell Westbrook and Kobe Bryant for opposing both almost had triple-doubles! Of course, today is the day the NBA’s leader in triple-doubles was announced to be out for the season with a torn ACL: Boston’s Rajon Rondo.

With Steve Blake on the mend, and available for Tuesday’s game, I wonder if there is any truth to any of the trade rumors that The Lakers will do anything significant now. Doesn’t the game change now that there is this glaring prooblem for The Boston Celtics to grapple with? Will they trade for a PG, or will they trade away Garnett & Pierce to teams with better opportunities to contend for the title this year with aging players that may retire at the end of this season? Steve Blake should give The Lakers better stability in the back court when Steve Nash and/or Steve Nash are subbed out: Can we please show Chris Duhon a place on the bench deeper down the well than Devin Ebanks and Rob Sacre? Maybe The Celtics would be interested in him? Is Darious Morris and Chris Duhon enough for them to trade to us Paul Pierce? Do we want him? Wouldn’t he like to go out in a blaze of glory where he grew up?

The real tell-tale sign of The Lakers turning this season around seems to be their sincere effort to communicate better on the court, which has led primarily to better helpside defense for each other. It was true on Friday night and evident during today’s game as well. “Wired Up” during ABC’s coverage today, it was kind of funny to hear Head Coach Mike D’Antoni telling Earl Clark to never, ever leave Kevin Durant for any reason. Yeah, well… good advice; but, hard to do! But post-game comments suggest Metta World Peace, Dwight Howard & others believe that what they’re now doing is what they always needed to do: Communicate! Dwight suggested that hitting “rock bottom” was necessary for change to ever occur. So, hopefuly what we witnessed as they dug a 17-25 hole is behind them! Pau Gasol seems to believe that if they play like they have been playing these last 2 games that they shouldn’t necessary lose any more games this season! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Are you thinking what I am thinking? If you’re believing that there is actually hope for The Lakers to make the playoffs, then we’re on the same page! If you’re singing praises to the Lord for the recognition of Earl Clark’s talent to play at a high level, then we’re probably singers in the same church choir! I was honestly in a great deal of frustration with the news of Jordan Hill’s injury, and I had no idea then that I would be so elated now to know that Steve Blake will be available to play in The Lakers next game! Pau Gasol has awakened an energy from within being so angry at not starting that his game has returned to the greatness of yesteryear. But probably the single most head-turner is the role reversals of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash! Who knew Kobe Bryant’s transformation into a premier NBA Point Guard would be so successful? Of course, those torpedoes he threw to Pau Gasol & Earl Clark were almost Colin Kaepernick -like: It was amazing, and probably should not be expected, that anybody was able to catch them – passes that could use a little more touch, the finesse of a Steve Nash, for instance.

For now, we all get to overlook the turnovers and the contagious effect of Dwight Howard’s free throw shooting on the rest of the team. For now, we are going to revel in the winning streak that included this amazing win over the best team in The Western Conference (The Oklahoma City Thunder). Kobe Bryant is simply “the best,” The Most Valuable Player in the NBA! Who knew that The Black Mamba could so suddenly transform into a threat for nightly triple-doubles? His value to any team is beyond words: Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook have a long way to go before they will ever command the attention of the NBA’s fans the world over like Kobe Bryant does.

Let’s go, Lakers! Let’s go!

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