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Clippers Throttle Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers failure to defend home court vs. The Los Angeles Clippers tonight wasn’t unexpected by many, and The Clippers definitely chose to take advantage of each & every opportunity afforded them by a lackluster effort on defense by the home team (?) – not that our stagnant offense was much better: Deficiencies as noted were best measured by the following – Kobe continues to mishandle the ball with too many turnovers, Dwight couldn’t stop anybody in the paint with heavy feet, and Earl Clark had his worse shooting night as a starter.

Jamison, Meeks & Blake shined to start a 2nd quarter run that got The Lakers within 3 points!  There was no other highlight, unless you count the dunk by Kobe Bryant over Jamaal Crawford when we were down some 20 points or so – late.  Otherwise, some streaky shooting from Metta World Peace was fun to witness after such a long streak of bad shooting nights; however, the overall effort by the team resulted in a very ugly game (see “comment” by another).

Next.  Right?  Game over.  “Game over” happened early with a 15-0 spurt @ tip-off by The Clippers.  The Los Angeles Clippers might just be the next best team in the NBA to the defending champion Miami Heat!  Playoff hopes are dimming for The Lakers…  It hasn’t been much of a #Lakeshow to be proud of this season – and there is no resemblance toShowtime!at all.  Of course, that’s an unfair comment if you are so precise as to think I was referring to the Time Warner SportsNet studio gang who have been superb, mostly!  All kidding aside (sorry, I was having a Dwight Howard moment), the insightful perspectives of James Worthy & Coach Dave Miller as well as some guests like Kurt Rambis help make Lakers broadcasts watchable when The Lakers players themselves are seemingly #unwatchable. As Worthy tweeted: “…Bad start too much to overcome…”

What will Lakers management choose to do, if anything, prior to the trade deadline?  I have no idea.  Is there anything that can be done without working a poor chemistry of players into an even worse predicament?  If Mitch Kupchak is being honest, and not just enjoying a great game of poker, then it sounds as if The Lakers will stand pat.

So, the only question remaining is: Will The Lakers current roster of players find a will within themselves to rise above the adversity of a “Reality TV” life of crazy scenarios & innuendos and start winning?  Will the fact that they are “safe” after the trade deadline inspire them to play at a 110% level where maybe they were holding back, playing at 85%, previously?  I still believe this talented group of NBA athletes is capable of making the playoffs. I wonder if they believe it, though.  It’s hard sometimes to find truth through troublesome times.  We’re about to find out the answer some very important things about our team…

Hopefully The Lakers have a renewed spirit to persevere through adversity as they come out from the rest of All-Star weekend.  Up next? The Boston Celtics!  Nothing like playing against your arch rivals to get you pumped up!

Let’s go, Lakers!  Let’s get back to forming another winning streak!

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  1. Mel and Joan
    15 February 2013 at 11:10 am

    Well, it’s not scientific, but so far the team that gets the first basket wins…I guess the rest is just exercise….When we finally did get to see the game, it was already going with 13 to 0…I’ll let you guess who was ahead 13 pts. right off the bat….(oops!  wrong sport – sorry about that.)I missed my opportunity when the Lakers won that last game…by saying that it felt like getting an all expense paid trip on a Carnival cruise ship…..mom

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