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Lakers Shaky in Win vs. Portland Friday Night @ Staples Center

The emotional win by The Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday (due to the recent passing of their beloved owner, Dr. Jerry Buss), was almost followed up by a major “letdown” – as one could possibly assume might happen. It was pretty ugly, and not at all like the convincing style with which they dispatched their dreaded rival, The Boston Celtics in the previous game; but, a win is a win! Final Score: Lakers 111 , Trailblazers 107 (Recap).

Dwight Howard played fairly well, from the beginning; but, he did injure his bad shoulder again – late (this time, however, he endured the pain and remained in the game). But with the sorry shooting of Steve Nash, who even shot his worst effort ever at the free throw line, Kobe Bryant had to go for broke and start scoring more & more as the game progressed because Portland wasn’t going to just hand them a victory: The Lakers had to earn this one. None of the games that The Lakers have played this year where they have won have been easy wins, except for maybe the Boston game. Nicolas Batum played well, and except for Antawn Jamison & Kobe Bryant there really wasn’t much you would call “consistent effort” from anybody else. Their were spurts where MWP & Earl Clark had value, but the game seemed marred by sloppiness – mostly.

In the end, Kobe Bryant had one of his most efficient nights in a long time, going for a “quiet” 40 points on 16-23 shots! I know, right? 40 points! Quietly? Yes, there were some “isolation plays” that seemed to stymy ball movement, occasionally – in terms of developing rhythm, chemistry, in subsequent trips down the floor – Metta did the same thing, making a 3-pointer at one point when he probably should’ve thrown the ball inside to Dwight Howard – then coming down the court on the very next possession and heaving up another 3-point shot that had no chance of going in… In the end, defense seemed to win the game, as poise left Portland’s players when the referees chose to stop using their whistles the last 6 minutes of the game to let the players determine the outcome of the game. Attitudes got a bit testy, Batum frustrated by MWP, Wesley Mathews losing it when guarded tightly by Steve Nash and drawing a technical due to his burst of anger directed at the referees for a non-call that was rightly not called.

I didn’t like the game much, except for the final score. How about you? Off to a back-to-back road trip Sunday morning (Dallas) / Monday night (Denver). Life got a bit busy – hectic, even. But this family man is trying as best I can to still stay with a Lakers team that is nervously too close to be eliminated from post-season play if they don’t find their identity “now”! These upcoming games are “must win” games! Kobe seems to be willing to do whatever needs to be done to make it? Dwight Howard seemed to feel that way Friday night. Steve Nash won’t ever again have such a poor shooting night, will he? #unthinkable

Let’s go, Lakers!

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