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How Do The Lakers Keeping Finding Ways Back From Defeat?

Is this just the most surreal season for players of The Los Angeles Lakers, and their fans, ever? I mean, this has been such a crazy road to even have a chance to make the playoffs this season that things seemingly happen that defy logic each and every game! And the common denominator in their success is the one and only Kobe Bryant! His uncanny ability to make shots that have no right to go in the hoop is inhuman! “Kobe is not human!” exclaimed my friend Gary Gibbs with such words, standing up with the shot that tied the game to end regulation. Who’s the real “Superman” in the NBA? Even Dwight Howard would tell you his name is Kobe Bryant: Wouldn’t he? By now, he’s got to know how fortunate he is to play alongside such an amazing player. He’s gotta know that this guy is somebody special that he should have wanted to play with when given the opportunity! Dwight’s time will come, but in Los Angeles the Era of Kobe Bryant’s greatness is not yet complete! He’s got so much left to showcase to the fans, the league, the world!

The Toronto Raptors faltered late in the game, by just enough to give The Los Angeles Lakers a tiny ray of hope that was all Kobe Bryant needed to persevere the turmoil of a tumultuous game of disappointments he shared in by amassing 9 turnovers to feel responsible enough to overcome his faults with a persevering effort. The Lakers simply wanted this win enough that their “backs against the wall” style of play – of late – was able to carry them through the jaws of death to will themselves to victory! I spent the entire day 5 hours away from home helping friends erect a shed in their backyard with so many thoughts of how to write anything in response to last night’s win over the victory, but it truly defies language to describe it! The best I can do is say this:

Kobe Bryant made 3 3-point shots with different techniques no coach would ever teach in order to overcome what the defense was giving him – and, they went in! All that did was allow The Los Angeles Lakers to tie The Toronto Raptors at the end of regulation! But in overtime, Steve Nash hit a critical 3-point shot of his own – to make up for a missed free throw? – that only briefly interrupted the mission of Kobe Bryant to almost singlehandedly find a way to win this game for the home team. Dwight Howard had some impressive moments, and Steve Nash had one of his better games in a Lakers uniform, but others faltered – well, Metta World Peace was instrumental, defensively, in these last 2 juggernaut wins to keep our playoff hopes alive (against inferior teams that will not make the playoffs this season).

Final Score (OT): Lakers 118, Raptors 116 (Recap).

The Utah Jazz had lost to The Chicago Bulls earlier in the evening, so that moved The Los Angeles Lakers within 1 game of the 8th Seed in The Western Conference playoff hunt. Thank you, Utah! But Friday night, it was a beautiful night to play The Toronto Raptors! Sunday, we get the opportunity to play against a playoffs team: The Chicago Bulls. Hopefully we come with a team effort, because even without Derrick Rose they are a really good team! For Toronto, DeMar DeRozan had a great game, as did Amir Johnson, before fouling out. Rudy Gay was once a Lakers killer when he played for The Memphis Grizzlies, but he had a so-so game Friday night; thankfully, Amir Johnson fouled out and Toronto became lost how to defend the paint – something Kobe then exploited at will with some incredible drives to the hoop…

Go, Lakers!

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