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Kobe’s Guarantee of Lakers to Make Playoffs: Is It Now Believable?

I don’t know about this unbelief that still seems to swirl around The Los Angeles Lakers of making the playoffs, but I’m a believer! They knocked off a playoff contender, yesterday, in The Chicago Bulls! Granted, they have played all season long without their star player, Derrick Rose – but they play tough, even though The Lakers were given the blessing of them not even playing at whatever full strength would be considered without Rose: Taj Gibson didn’t play, and neither did Kirk Heinrich. However, Joachim Noah played Dwight Howard EVEN- both going off for about 17 points & 18 rebounds. Except for when Mike D’Antoni left Dwight Howard on the floor in foul trouble late in the 2nd Quarter, when he did NOTHING in order to prevent earning another foul, The Bulls just couldn’t find the basket for a long stretch of time – and neither could The Lakers, if they launched shots from the 3-point arc.

Final Score: Lakers 90, Bulls 81 (Recap).

Once again, I watched the game on tape delay: It was hard to inter-act with Twitter “friends” since I was visiting friends in NorCal, still. I had first seen the game as the 4th Quarter started, and my friends’ wife & I tried to shield him from seeing the score when we ate lunch off the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz in a sports bar / bowling alley w/TV screens everywhere! One we got back to their place in Hollister, we saw the DVR recording of it from start to finish! What a defensive battle. Lots of missed shots. Not many turnovers. Steve Nash seemed to come alive in the 3rd Quarter – that seemed like the difference in the ball game, to me. MDA yanked Earl Clark off the court, early – but EZ had one of his better +/- games of the season, and he seemed to respond well to being benched, more focused, more aggressive when he came back out on the floor.

Kobe Bryant didn’t have to play “hero” this time, but Nate Robinson and Luol Deng just didn’t have any real ability to stop whomever The Lakers used to set up their offense from being effective at controlling the tempo: Steve Blake had 5 assists, even though he went scoreless off the bench – for instance. D12 was 0-5 from the charity stripe – trying to make The Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan look good? #idk Somehow Kobe Bryant ended up with 9 assists? #smh 

I’m happy that The Lakers are in the playoffs race with an actual spot now! It felt like a NASCAR “Race to The Chase” for a few weeks, didn’t it? Utah faltered, and Houston AND Golden State are within reach. I hope The Lakers still have something left in the tank to persevere beyond the adversity they have already pushed through to keep pushing for a better spot than merely the 8th Seed. Right now, with Utah playing so poorly, the 8th spot is The Lakers to keep – I hope! #knockonwood

Go, Lakers!

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