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Lakers Played Well Enough to Win @ Home vs. Kings sans Kobe

Thank God for The Sacramento Kings: Their timing couldn’t have been better, attempting to win vs. our shorthanded Lakers without their star Center, DeMarcus Cousins themselves. Thank you! Thank you, very much!

Final Score: Lakers 113, Kings 102 (Recap).

Preparation. Performance. Perseverance.


How do you prepare to play a game with your fearless leader unable to play? How do you find the will within yourself to perform well with limited ability to find rest throughout a game being played with limited substitutions? How do you persevere through adversity that comes during a game that saps your energy, nips at your attitude, forces you to find that extra gear – that one you may not have even knew existed! – to overcome your opponent? The Los Angeles Lakers did all that last night against a team that has actually shown a desire to still play at a high level, even though they are without a shot at a playoff spot. The Sacramento Kings smelled blood in the water: they were ruthlessly seeking some way of coming away with a desired road win, to play spoiler, to come up with something satisfying to make this season – for them – just a bit more palpable, a bit more memorable (in a positive way, in the long layoff before the next season starts for them, somewhere – still unknown?).

The Los Angeles Lakers played a great game! Well, offensively. Defensively, they waited – again – until the 4th Quarter to clamp down hard. I want so badly to credit their newest Head Coach – Mike d’Antoni – with drawing up a great gameplan to come out with the victory, but seeing Kobe coach from the sidelines Friday night for the last 3 quarters vs. Indiana, I wonder who the players respect enough to listen to. Don’t you? The doghouse of MDA has included such players as Earl Clark, Devin Ebanks, Jordan Hill, Pau Gasol, Jodie Meeks, and Antawn Jamison – they have all gone long stretches of games without ever seeing meaningful minutes on the court. Without the presence of Antawn Jamison on the court tonight, this game is probably not a win. If DeMarcus Cousins had played, Dwight Howard most likely would have been in foul trouble – and who knows how much the complexion of the game could have changed? With his rim protection, we’re incapable of stopping penetration into the paint. Without the steady play of Metta World Peace the last few games (after a horrendous stretch), this game would not have been won – even though he ended the game without any rebounds. But, he started shooting 8-8 before finishing 10-13: he was super! Superb!

Nash & Blake: Our guard play was great!

The Steve’s had a combined assist total that was unreal! The Steve’s shot well, too! But without DeMarcus Cousins in the middle for the opposition, Dwight Howard had an easy night of rebounds, and he was also able to stay out of foul trouble – good thing! That MDA only chose to play 7 guys was a bit frustrating, disturbing, and probably not a good thing – elite teams will be taking notes, and they will respond in ways that will challenge The Lakers more than what Sacramento was able to do. But they gave it their all, and were as close as 90-88 before The Lakers pulled away late in the 4th Quarter.

Tyreke Evans was once considered a great rookie prospect – but he that hasn’t yet reached his potential (imho). Isaiah Thomas, Jr. isn’t what his dad once was, but he’s an awfully good talent – talented enough that Lakers killer Aaron Brooks isn’t on the team any longer? But having traded away players at the deadline to pick up Patterson from The Houston Rockets, The Sacramento Kings may be a much improved “team” next year as The Seattle Sonics! For now, they’re just on the outside looking in – like the opponent for The Lakers tomorrow night: The Phoenix Suns. An easy schedule after a tough battle against the East’s 2nd best team, The Indiana Pacers, has happened rather timely, I might say. The Suns are dreadly poor, defensively; but, they have played The Los Angeles Lakers tough this year – a potent offense, if given the chance to roll with a momentum shift. The Lakers defense will have to be better throughout the game tomorrow, especially with Kobe still out and playing a back-to-back (home tonight, road tomorrow). Can they do it playing only 7 guys? I guess we’ll know soon enough. Or maybe d’Antoni will have a change of heart and look for more help from the bench. I know: Who am I kidding! Right? #smh

E – F – T.

What’s that, again, Coach Dave Miller? Energy – Focus – Tenacity ? Something like that. If that’s it, they did it well.

Let’s go, Lakers! Keep it up! Let’s keep this winning streak alive!

C’mon, Lakers! We still have only a very slim lead for 8th Place, barely in front of The Utah Jazz – and I think all fans of The Lakers would like to see a move past The Houston Rockets for 7th or even a move as far through the bracket as 6th by finishing ahead of The Golden State Warriors (if such is a true possibility).

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