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Woeful Wizards Reveal Sickness of Lakers Season Still Present

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to play inconsistently this season, from game to game, from quarter to quarter, no matter what schemes whatever coach devises. The Washington Wizards are one of the worst teams in the league, even though they have a few talented players; but, they came into this game shorthanded, playing without Emeka Okafor or Brandon Beal. Worse, the sickness of losing their last game to another winnable team, The Phoenix Suns, didn’t seem to propel these Lakers to play with any real concern that their playoff hopes are dangling by a thread!

Final Score: Wizards 103, Lakers 100 (Recap).

Dwight Howard only missed 2 shots last night! He missed one shot from the field and only shot from the free throw line! So, why didn’t he take more than 9 shots?

A former Lakers fan favorite, Trevor Ariza, dazzled on the court – all night long! And he didn’t even start! He posted career marks shooting the ball, with 7-12 from 3-point range! And that’s not why he gets playing time: he’s a great defender. Of course, John Wall wouldn’t be denied a share of such a spotlight on success, posting a career high 16 assists! What does that say about The Lakers ability to play defense? Shouldn’t they have been able to figure out what it takes to play shutdown defense by this point in the season, if they have any hopes of building momentum into a playoff run?

Nene was outplayed by Dwight Howard in the 1st Quarter, but Mike [d’]Antoni was outcoached, again! Whatever The Lakers were doing correctly, early, wasn’t being done at the end of the game: Was that because of Pau Gasol shooting 2-10? Was that because Kobe Bryant really didn’t do a whole lot, expect play decoy, until the 4th Quarter – except commit a high number of turnovers, again? By the end of the game, the only guy that tried to score for The Lakers was Kobe Bryant – but, more telling, in defeat, was how sick The Lakers are by how Nene dominated the paint, late, and Dwight Howard was powerless to stop him!

Maybe I’m just venting. Maybe I’m just frustrated from feeling sick: I will be seeing a doctor today (Saturday) – I had to watch the game with my glasses off, at times, due to sinus pressure. I was encouraged, the way they started the game (The Lakers); but, as they moved away from the success of playing an inside-outside game that The Washington Wizards actually know how to play I hope they’re taking notes! I coached “back in the day” and had my 6th Grade team play an exhibition game at The Fabulous Forum in Inglewood before a Lakers game started vs. The Washington Bullets (same team, new name) – a game where I diagrammed plays in the stands, and my kids were inspired to dream up plays of their own the next week! That was during they years of Magic Johnson & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

I don’t know what this group of rag-tag players for this year’s Los Angeles Lakers is thinking: do you? They seem poorly prepared, and they seemed to play without any passion, or any concern that their hopes of playing in the playoffs, of competing for a championship this year, are going down the drain! Earl Clark probably should’ve started, letting a weak Pau Gasol who’s not yet back in “basketball shape” take his time with short bursts of effort as he tries to get back to being a dominant player. Now The Lakers have a new injury to worry about: What is the extent of Antawn Jamison’s wrist injury?

As much as I adore all that Kobe Bryant has ever accomplished, what he has done this season is maybe his most remarkable season yet! He has played as Kobe The Facilitator, showing an unselfish side never before revealed as he has been a wizard at passing the ball some games as well as John Wall did against us last night! Other games, he has been Kobe The Rebounder – he even recently starred as Kobe The (Assistant?) Coach! But when the game gets chippy, especially late, the way he likes to get as Kobe The Legendary Unstoppable, Extraordinary Shooter has become less effective for the team and less interesting to “we the fans” as his isolation plays seem to stifle teammates into uselessness, cluelessness, and disinterest to expend any effort on defense, or to do anything but watch like a spectator in the crowd. Why is that?

Was the inability of The Lakers to run a sound offense, to play any real defense in the 4th Quarter due to a moodiness between players, where communication on the court in the 1st Half disappeared during the 2nd Half? Are players that sensitive, that moody, that offended, that if they’re not included on offense that they then won’t make any real effort to play sound on defense? I don’t get it. Yeah, I get it that iso-moves by Kobe The Magnificent aren’t much fun to watch when they’re not working. The missed shot in the lane, late, a 15-foot fallaway jumper over Nene that is a patented 95% sure shot rimmed out to tie things up. But he made up for it with a deep 3-pointer to get The Lakers close, 101-100, didn’t he? Oh yeah, the missed free throws…

The Black Mamba was off last night, unless you were watching “Megamind” on FX! SO, if Kobe Bryant doesn’t take control of the game early, but instead plays decoy for 3 quarters, is it possible for The Lakers to win? Probably not. If The Lakers showcase Dwight Howard early, but the opposition makes halftime adjustments to nullify his effectiveness, does that mean that The Lakers should stop trying to get him the ball down low? No! One aspect of this game that The Lakers seem to have lost sight of is that getting an opponents players into foul trouble, early, is imperative to creating a successful formula for winning games easily! Of course, their tendency to relax when another team’s 2nd Unit is on the court is another problem: Trevor Ariza & Kevin Seraphin killed us! And with Martell Webster & John Wall playing well, and Nene playing well enough in crunch time, The Washington Wizards became a dominant force these confused, inconsistent Lakers couldn’t overcome last night.

I had thought that The Lakers needed to go 9-4 through the last 13 games of the season to make the playoffs: if they only go 8-5, they probably won’t make it. The teams they have to play, including 2 back-to-back games (which are likely losses), make it unlikely they will play much better than that. But last night’s loss wasn’t included it that formula for success! I wonder if there is any magic left in this Lakers season to thrill the fans? It seems like this group of guys play best with their backs against the wall. Well… The Lakers backs are against the wall! Thanks to John Wall & Company! Thankfully, The Utah Jazz lost last night – so, that’s a good thing, right? #whatever

C’mon, Lakers: Let’s go!

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