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Was Lakers Win Tonight in Minnesota a Quality Win?

A friend was watching tonight’s Los Angeles Lakers road game, tape delayed – due to commute/work schedule (life circumstances): I waited until he saw it to write about it (now). I wasn’t thrilled with the “new” lineup d’Antoni implemented against The Minnesota Timberwolves, in the wake of MWP’s news about his knee: “Get well, Metta! Fast. We need you!” My friend responded to the game in this manner: “Worst win of the season.” I’m actually stunned that we won with such a balanced scoring attack from Minnesota with great contributions from their bench of Barea, Budinger & Cunningham! Peckovic played better against us than ever before, and we weren’t great – by any means, except for the play of Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. Am I being too harsh? #idontthinkso

Maybe this is exactly what our newest Head Coach “Mike…” wanted: Maybe tonight Lakers fans got a taste of what “d’Antoni Ball” is all about! I still don’t like the aftertaste, 2 hours later… Matter of fact, watching the “Backstage Lakers” excerpt on TWC when Steve Nash says the team chooses to eat breakfast together between back-to-back game, maybe it’s a tradition that should end – immediately (Skip tomorrow’s breakfast pow-wow, guys! Please? Might I suggest room service?).

Anyway, not to be a pessimist, I can’t help but be a realist – even though you optimists out there will think I’m whining… I am not complaining that Dwight Howard didn’t play well enough: he played great tonight! Mostly. I’m encouraged that Kobe Bryant played well, moving from Shooting Guard the opposite direction from Point Guard to be our newest Small Forward. #CountOnKobe However, the nagging issues of this team were not overcome tonight: defense and turnovers were still a huge problem!

Final Score: Lakers 120, Timberwolves 117 (Recap).

I saw the game in parts, and I will watch the repeat, since I had to work tonight – but I saw the entire 2nd Quarter, and from mid-3rd to the end! Well, 3 minutes from the end: Why was Ricky Rubio upset with Kobe Bryant at the end? #rhetorical

The stats look good, for the most part – especially AJ’s contribution tonight, before he appeared to aggravate his bad wrist (shooting hand). #cringe

Maybe the “7 Seconds or Less” Offense can be perfected now with this “smaller” lineup that d’Antoni has probably been eager to input has a perfect opportunity to be experimented with: Maybe the fact that they beat a non-playoff team, shorthanded, shouldn’t be my perspective. Perhaps I should be grateful that “A win is a win!” – and leave it at that.

However, this team while scoring 120 points gave up 117! That ain’t good, folks!

We haven’t yet won a back-to-back series yet this entire season, but we’re going into Milwaukee tomorrow night with hopes of fixing that problem against an Eastern Conference playoff team! #smh

I would much prefer to play to our strengths – to put a team on the floor that can intentionally defend anybody, instead of accidentally outscore most teams. There were some good moments in the game, like better play from Pau Gasol, and outside shooting that included Steve Blake. Our guard play was better, on offense, than in most games – which was meaningful, since Minnesota has a good crop of guards to be tested by.

I wasn’t happy with the idea of starting Jodie Meeks, especially after he did nothing great with his opportunity to start during Kobe Bryant’s recent absence with his ankle injury. Defensively, putting a forgotten, seldom-used bench player in the game (a la EZ) by the name of Devin Ebanks makes more sense to me: Wasn’t he a shutdown defender last year?

Did I mention I would also prefer to see Pau Gasol come off the bench, until he’s closer to 100%? I think Earl Clark has earned the opportunity to start, having played well in Pau Gasol’s long absence – remarkably well, and beyond expectations earlier although faltering recently. However, that said, EZ was off tonight and Gasol played better. So… #sigh

But, alas, I must admit: We won! Lakers win! Lakers win! Lakers win! Yippeee!!!! Our playoff hopes are alive! And, The Miami Heat lost! A big shout out to The Chicago Bulls! Thank you, Chicago! Lakers fans of every generation are happy tonight! Perhaps. Am I? I want to be. Should I be? Maybe I’ll be happy tomorrow, if The Lakers conquer their inability to win back-to-back games? Yes, that will make me very happy! Gotta stay ahead of Jazz and surging Mavericks now. Beat the Bucks! Beat the Bucks!

Go, Lakers!

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  1. Anonymous
    27 March 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Watching the game up until I had previously caught it tied at 19 apiece, I was amazed how well the Lakers were able to keep pace with a T’wolves team running at track meet speeds – totally frenetic pace, reminding me of MWP’s energy levels the rest of the team besides Kobe Bryant rarely possess… Dwight in early foul trouble makes his high numbers 25/16/5/5 even that more incredible! I hadn’t noticed, previously, that Meeks played so well- wondering in review of the game real time why his efficiency rating was so high. So, there you go: Maybe there’s more hope for The Lakers as they approach the playoffs than I had expected! Go, Lakers! – Ron Runsvold

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