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No Time Left for Lakers Fans to Argue Over Which Games are Must Wins!

Injuries to key players for The Los Angeles Lakers have been a much larger issue for their overall team success this season than which guy is coaching them: Gotta wonder if they might just be coaching themselves! #ridiculous

Tonight’s game vs. The Dallas Mavericks will go a long ways toward answering questions some fans might still have about their resolve to win, their reluctance to consistently play defense, and then there’s the matter of Kobe Bryant’s “guarantee”! Go, Lakers!

The Los Angeles Lakers will only tie The Utah Jazz with wins and losses, after this game is over – if they win / when they win… but they would still trail them in 9th Place, due to the “tiebreaker.” So, “must win” with so few games left on the schedule might be an apt description of tonight’s game.

Kobe Bryant may have to go all 48 minutes again, not just for a shot at a victory, but in order to keep his ankle from aggravating him worse than it is already. I would be really surprised if Steve Nash plays at all. And I am still hopeful that whomever is running this team gets off their attitude of not playing certain individuals off the bench and make use of the defensive skills that can be brought to a game by inserting Devin Ebanks into the lineup.

Who knows what the future holds? Only God, right? Hold on tight, Lakers fans! Be praying up a storm of hopefulness on behalf of our beloved Lakers! If this season does become magical, it will be due to God’s timing alone – as key players will only return if The Lakers do garner a playoff berth! Get well, Metta! Keep getting stronger, Jordan! Heal faster, Old Man Nash! We need you! The Lakers need you!

Go, Lakers!

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