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Lakers Win an Important Game, Late, Friday, but Loss of Kobe Bryant Makes it Bittersweet

I have been at a loss for words to describe my “take” on The Los Angeles Lakers last game, and I’ve had little time to consider it since – other life matters have been all-consuming the last few days. Kobe Bryant ruptured his Achilles tendon, before the game ended, and the team managed to pull out a win vs. The Golden State Warriors – yippee!!!! Yeah, whatever: MDA should’ve taken him out of the game sooner; but Kobe The Warrior apparently would have none of that. #amazing #smh

Final Score: Lakers WIN, Warriors LOSE  (Recap).

Kobe Bryant wasn’t even the best scorer on the court Friday night: Stephen Curry was off the hook, scoring at will. Thankfully, Klay Thompson was in foul trouble – and, not shooting that well. The Lakers seemed to win by Dwight Howard making his free throws, early & often! And Pau Gasol had a consistent contribution throughout the game – only frustrated by seemingly easy turnovers by balls getting stripped out of his hands too easily (still, throughout the season, throughout his career). But The Lakers may not have been in a position for defense to be the deciding factor, if it hadn’t been for Kobe’s latest heroics. AFTER rupturing his Achilles tendon, he refused to leave the court, and he wouldn’t look at coaches, or even the trainer Gary Vitti. He knocks down 2 clutch 3-point shots to tie the game at 107-107, then 2 free throws to tie it again at 109-109 before exiting the court – for the locker room. #unKBvble

Listening to a video of Dr. Robert Klapper breaking down Kobe’s injury, with Coach Dave Miller and Andy Adler, it impresses me greatly how orthopedic surgery has advanced in recent years. Kobe Bryant’s work ethic, if anything like the conditioning of Metta World Peace, may allow for him to be available to start the season on time! It didn’t work out that way for a similarly aging Chauncey Billups from his similar injury about this time last year: he’s still struggling to find his identity, his value to The Clippers this season. But through the sadness of what Kobe Bryant may be realizing, as I have now seen his rant on Facebook, it’s possible that he is being brought to the brink of disaster (personal goals, etc.) as happened to me nearly 30 years ago. #icanrelate

Tonight’s game vs. The San Antonio Spurs is about to begin: I wonder if Kobe is watching by TV or if he will be on the sidelines? Coach Vino, where are you? He may still be on strong pain medications. Of course, I tired of those after my 1st 3 surgeries: I used Advil only, no Demerol, in a life-saving, emergency surgery to my right knee in 1992 that left it in a poor physical state – but, the infection was cleaned out! #mostly #goodenough #sorta

If Dr. Klapper’s rendering on Time Warner Cable’s “All Sports Net” show of the technique utilized to repair Kobe’s ruptured tendon was accurate, then it appears that with dedication better than mine to a regimen that will return him to his previously athletically-gifted self is a real possibility! I wish I had been able to access such incredible assistance: I might have run a few more marathons, and although I may still try to hike to the top of Mount Whitney someday the likelihood of scaling Mount Rainier is probably lost. #ohwell

I Kobe’s rant, he wondered out-loud on social media if his focus and dedication could be similarly-utilized away from the basketball court: I don’t know where you stand before God with your spiritual beliefs, Black Mamba / Coach Vino, but if you were to listen to any advice from me it is this – “The Lord is with you when you are with Him, and if you seek Him then He will let you find Him, but if you forsake Him then He will forsake you” (2 Chronicles 15:2). Bottom Line: There are Christian athletes everywhere – find one you respect, one you have been encouraged by already, and work your way toward a closer walk with God who will never fail you nor forsake you if you are committed to humbling yourself before Him and allowing Him to work through you.

I’m praying for Kobe.

I’m still following The Lakers!

Yes, I gave up my Twitter Name of “Lkrz4Life” to have it now say “LakerFanSince76” because my life is given to Christ first & foremost – for life, eternal life! But I have been a Lakers fan from as young an age as I can remember watching them play, which was after I was no longer able to play baseball due to my eyesight limitations. I was born blind, 2 eye surgeries when I was 4 years old, lucky to see well enough to do what I do now. Why did I get a life-threatening illness 3 years after I left a non-Christian cult? God’s timing is perfect! I would have likely died due to wrong thinking in 1984 if God hadn’t gotten through to me with spiritual truth when He did: He had been trying to for years, but I wouldn’t get beyond my stubborn pride to allow Him to change my heart. Funny how finding yourself precariously positioned on a mountainside with a 4000-foot dropoff to your death will cause your life to flash before your eyes and make you reconsider things. #thatwas1978

It’s great to notice how Lakers management has reconsidered the value of Andrew Goudelock: But will MDA play him tonight? Yes, it’s disappointing that one man’s opportunity comes at cost of somebody else’s: I hope he performs well, for The Lakers tonight! But, will he actually see any time on the court? #ihopeso

Let’s go, Lakers! #Win4JB #Win4Kobe Be #UnKBvble

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