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Let’s Go, Lakers, Let’s Go! Let’s Go, Lakers, Let’s Go!

The Los Angeles Lakers new partnership with Time Warner Cable has been enjoyable, even though the rollercoaster reality of a team in disarray (mostly due to injuries) isn’t exactly what any of us fans was desiring to experience. See Mike Trudell’s Playoffs Preview, if you haven’t already – he’s been doing great work all year long as the sideline reporter tweeting updates throughout each game, plus pre-game and post-game interviews, and probably much, much more. James Worthy & Coach Dave Miller have been great, joined by host of AllSportsNet “Geeter” McGee with guests Kurt Rambis & Robert Horry showing up regularly. Andy Adler has added a flare to the show, the best recently being the interview segment with Lakers fan and Coach Dave’s “Road Warrior” partner, Dr. Robert Klapper. 

“Deal, don’t dwell.”

The Lakers as a team have been able to push through adversity very well. Unfortunately, they have had more than their fair share of it to deal with. But to come to where they are now, with the opportunity finally available to them to not just make the playoffs but make a surge toward a possible championship run… Wow! This team passed the character test! Maybe I get “fan”-like suggesting that The Lakers are still the best team in Los Angeles, since The Clippers had such a great regular season – the best their franchise has ever had. But I don’t see The Clippers advancing through the playoffs with such an unbalanced team of individuals. Yes, the loss of Kobe Bryant is going to make any advances by The Lakers problematic, but this group has shown an ability to adapt to situations, to overcome adversity, to rise above circumstance… These Lakers are playing as a team – and this #countonteam effort just might be what is needed this year, more than any other year, in a league that has become dominated by individual statistics, the making of stars, for what? Branding? The Lakers “brand” is the best because the organization is top-notch, from top-to-bottom. Ownership. Trainers. All of them

Go, Lakers! Let’s get this party started!

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