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120-89 ??? Lakers Lost by 31 Points? Aye, Carumba. Spurs Are Deep

A different dude off the bench for The San Antonio Spurs killed The Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3 of Round 1 in NBA playoff action: Casey Joseph? Cory, maybe. Yeah, that’s it: Cory Joseph. Wh… Wha… What? Who. I’m not kidding: Cory Joseph. Check it out for yourself.

Final Score: Spurs 120, Lakers 89 (Box Score).

The signature moments for me were Dwight Howard’s early 2nd Foul against Tim Duncan, who knows how to play smart – referee assisting smart NBA basketball, holding Dwight’s arm in place until they noticed it was a foul. Moments later, Darius Morris missed a shot wide left – which was after Chris Duhon through the ball away on the previous play. The Spurs were just better, more sound, in every way. Sure, The Lakers had multiple players in double digits. Dwight’s numbers look good, for totals. Pau Gasol had a triple-double – which only included 11 points.

In every way, The Lakers were outplayed, as you would expect a team which was outmanned to have to endure. The Lakers did win the 2nd Quarter, though: 26-25. Yippeee!!!! The Lakers, again, find themselves with their backs against the wall – a single game left in order to be eliminated from any further play this season. Maybe it’s best. I don’t know. I’d prefer to see The Lakers win a couple games, if that’s at all possible; but, suddenly, I like the chances of The San Antonio Spurs making it to the NBA Finals as the Western Conference representatives instead of The Oklahoma City Thunder.

Let’s go, Lakers! Let’s win a game – or two.

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