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This Lengthy Lakers Off-Season Is Not Making Me Happy!

So, The Los Angeles Lakers did not produce a fan-friendly experience with all of the injuries they had to try to overcome this year. What are “we the fans” supposed to do now? What are any of us who claim to be “fans” of this greatest of all franchises going to occupy our time with, since the normal days & weeks of rest have been replaced by multiple months? Listening to ESPN 710AM has been humorous, as The Lakers “flagship station” tries to overcome the disappointment of it all by keeping us in the loop of each & every rumor and/or tidbit of information that seems to have some relevance to arguments made concerning whether or not this team will be more competitive next season or not.

Mostly, I am prayerfully supporting the return of Kobe Bryant from the team’s season-ruptured hopes of advancing in the playoffs due to his Achilles tendon tear, that the surgery was successful and the world will know that such a difficult injury can be overcome when he steps back onto the hardwood to begin the season this Fall. Not that anybody would expect it based on the inability of Chauncey Billups to be relied on by The Los Angeles Clippers this past season after having surgery for the same ailment a year ago. What I am fighting is any urge to actually enjoy watching The San Antonio Spurs manhandle The memphis grizzlies. However, I have already cracked a smile with the win by The Indiana Pacers vs. The Miami heat the other day! Was that yesterday? But there is ZERO chance of me ever becoming a fan of The Pacers…

There is ZERO chance of me becoming a fan of The Los Angeles Clippers, no matter how bad that the Los Angeles Lakers could become – whether they sign Dwight Howard long-term or not… My team is The Los Angeles Lakers. Period. If they falter, again, eventually they will rebound into a contender – again. Some year. But if it’s going to happen before Kobe Bryant retires? That needed to be this year, and now – more than ever before – that can be said about next year! So, what will the Lakers do? What can they do? Dwight Howard seems to think he has narrowed down his options to The Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. That’s great news! But we won’t know anything until July? Okay, fine. We wait. What else can any of us do? We get to endure fascinations of bored radio hosts who come up with sign & trade deals to send Dwight Howard to the Golden State Warriors: Traded for which players? Never mind. Not going to happen.

The Lakers own Dwight Howard’s “Larry Bird RIghts” – which means they can offer him MORE money than anybody else! Unless he has dropped his agent, I assume the play is for a max salary from the team that can afford to pay him the most amount of money. Why else would his agent be leveraging the situation to the extent the NBA has had to endure this whole drama? So, if it’s a foregone conclusion – and it may not be! – that Dwight Howard will be wearing purple & gold for many years to come, can we entertain what other things the team might do to improve its roster from what they had last year? Should Earl Clark be re-signed, for instance? I say, Yes! Whay say you? Antawn Jamison? Jodie Meeks? Kobe Bryant seems to think they will all play much better together, next season, if they can play with fewer injuries, and that the team should be left as-is. Maybe so. The coaching situation… sigh. Nevermind.

The NBA is FAN-tastic! It’s just better when the Los Angeles Lakers AND The Boston Celtics are “in” the playoffs! These other junior varisty teams just aren’t much fun to watch…

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