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How Will The Lakers Perform in 2013-14? Great!

11 August 2013 Leave a comment

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the top teams in all of professional sports, so don’t think for a second that this team won’t be competitive this season! Now that the NBA schedule has been released, how would you predict the W-L record of the Lakers will turn out at season’s end? I see them winning 51 games!

Seriously, Kobe Bryant is on-track to start the season – returning from his ruptured Achilles tendon last April. Pau Gasol has had work done on his knees, so the expectation is that he will be ready to go. I can’t imagine Steve Nash suffering a similar, freak injury to his knee like he had last year in Portland the 2nd game of the season: his movements on the soccer field throughout this Summer suggest he’s 100% healthy!

The Lakers front office has done a great job forming a better group of players around their head coach, Mike D’Antoni, who will have no excuses for mistakes this season with speedy, younger players on the wing to get his offense working at full tilt! I like the additions of Wes Johnson, Nick Young, and Jordan Farmar, don’t you? Chris Kaman will help solidify defense in the post and he’s more versatile than most people think, shot selection, rebounding & defense are all consistently above average: plus, he can hit free throws!

I believe the EAST has been crippled by trades & free agency moves, especially PHI & ATL; like always, the greater number of best teams are in the WEST – Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Memphis, Golden State, Houston, Los Angeles, losangeles, Denver…

So, here it is – my guesses for WINS and LOSSES…


Yes, I have @Lakers winning a game vs. Miami; but, I also have them on 2 long losing streaks – anything can happen, from game-to-game, especially if there are significant injuries to endure. Is my prediction a best case scenario? Not really. You decide for yourself. How do you see the season going for your favorite team? The Lakers are likely a #7 seed for the playoffs, behind The Clippers at #6, behind OKC, SAS, MEM, GSW, HOU, and followed by DEN. Do you see it much differently? Lakers 2013-2014 will go 51-31

Go, Lakers!

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