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Lakers Win Season Opener vs. Clippers with Starters & X-Men Playing Great!

I know, right, The Los Angeles Clippers are supposed to be a great team this season – but, the balance of powers away from The Los Angeles Lakers is on delay! Who are these new-look Lakers? Don’t they know they’re under-achievers? Gotta love the underdog, the non-favorite – that used to be The Clippers role, trying to play spoiler, moving from Buffalo, NY to San Diego, CA only then to try to muscle into the Los Angeles fanbase. Not even a dreaded Bostonian in their new head coach Doc Rivers could change the fortunes of The Clippers last night. The Lakers sans Kobe were tremendous!

The starters were very effective, but played less than 3 quarters, since the benchplay for The Lakers was so awesome! Jordan Hill seemed to begin the pre-season still favoring a hip surgically-repaired last season, but he stepped up big in the last 2 games before the NBA’s opening night extravaganza on TNT! The competitive game between The Clippers & The Lakers probably helped salvage the embarrassment to the NBA of a blowout victory by The Miami Heat over The Chicago Bulls that delayed the tipoff of the late night contest. And what a coming out party it became for Xavier Henry! Who knew? Kaman said afterwards that he played with him elsewhere and knew what he was capable of. But all the trades that The Lakers made in the off-season have given Mike D’Antoni what he needed for his scheme to work. Kurt Rambis had the team ready, defensively, for anything that The Clippers tried to do. Wesley Johnson and Nick Young were far from spectacular, offensively; but d’Antoni praised them for keeping their head in the game and contributing in other ways – helping to spread the floor for other shooters, for efforts on defense, etc.

I was surprised that the bench was allowed to play the entire 4th Quarter without bringing any starters back onto the floor! Even so, Pau Gasol & Chris Kaman finished with great numbers for playing limited minutes. And what a relief that must be that young players can carry the load of a front end to back-to-back games allowing older, veteran players (starters) to rest up for the next game: tonight, vs. The Golden State Warriors! If it’s possible for The Lakers to beat not only The Clippers (whom I predicted to finish 7th in the Western Conference) but also The Warriors (whom I predicted as 3rd), what will that do to the professional writers minds trying to make any sense out of that? Even funnier will be listening to John Ireland, The Lakers play-by-play man on radio, change his prediction of over/under 41 wins back the other way! Marcellus Willey, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it will be sitting next to Max Kellerman today!

Go, Lakers!

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