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Lakers Humbled by Warriors after a Great Win to Start Season

After a FAN-tastic opening night victory over the favored Los Angeles Clippers, traveling north to play The Golden State Warriors proved that The Los Angeles Lakers are in need of the return of Kobe Bryant to be competitive against the better teams in the NBA. Of course, to start the game with 2 air balls never helps. However, a lot of things went wrong – as a loss by a score of 125-94 might say without need for further commentary.

If The Lakers will return to a .500 record or better soon, it may take a few more games: the next game, Friday night, at home, is vs. The San Antonio Spurs! They dismantled us in the playoffs last year. Literally. Figuratively. And in every other fashion…

But to go through the painful exercise of reviewing last night’s laugher, you gotta start somewhere. So, why not start with the highlights? Klay Thompson! That guy, yes, the son of former Lakers great Mychal Thompson, he was amazing! He had more points after the 1st Quarter than the entire Lakers team! At half, Klay Thompson & David Lee had more points combined than The Lakers team did. Thankfully, the 2-1 scoring differential lessened by the end of the game to a 4-3 ratio. But not much that The Lakers tried to do ever really worked.

Jodie Meeks started at Shooting Guard, since Steve Blake had to move to cover for Steve Nash who was kept on the bench (coach’s decision). Meeks can shoot, but, if you remember last year, dribbling into the paint for him is an adventure – to say the least! The ball is normally blocked or stripped away. However, if Meeks hadn’t scored 10 points by Halftime, this game would have been really, really ugly – and it was ugly, poorly played, in every facet, by The Lakers. Consequently, The Warriors had an easy night, coasting to victory, playing 12 guys, Klay Thompson leading the way with 38 points.

Jordan Farmar? Turnover City! Jordan Hill, mildly successful; but, he wasn’t inserted soon enough to help defensively – and he was taken out early, once the game was out of reach (not many minutes later). Xavier henry, who was amazing vs. The Clippers 24 hours earlier, was a bit off, especially in the first minutes he was inserted into the lineup – his stas were somewhat decent by the end of the night, but nothing to write home to mom about.

Hopefully what fans saw Tuesday night against The Clippers will be better remembered by the fans, and more characteristic of what The Lakers will do throughout the season – if not, it may be a very long season. When is Kobe Bryant coming back?

Go, Lakers!

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