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Lakers Beginning to Pile Up some Embarrassing Losses

It was probably a hope of The Lakers as an organization to not feel pressured to see the return of their star player Kobe Bryant back into the starting lineup too soon. But no news is not good news! The wins as impressive as they were to start the season against The Clippers and to beat The Houston Rockets on the road have begun to be overshadowed by some humiliating losses. Just when you think this squad might have some degree of chemistry that might be able to match that of The Black Mamba, such hopes are removed by inconsistent play of unexpected players – most noticeably, Pau Gasol. Sure, Steve Nash is banged up – and his leadership on the court is missed. Jodie Meeks is contributing to the best of his ability, consistently – surprisingly. But Steve Blake is streaky, and D’Antoni can’t seem to find enough minutes for Jordan Hill among our few frontcourt players. Jordan Farmar is doing what we remember him as able to do previously – having hoped for so much more. And that’s where we’re at: We have a team of misfits that most other teams didn’t want, who were supposed to be great, and this was an opportunity for them to redeem themselves; but, Wesley Johnson & Nick Young aren’t living up to their potential. So, “we the fans” may be in for a long season.” I’m still enjoying this season more with my low expectations than last season as we all had very high expectations! But that enjoyment is starting to waste away. How could it not when you start admiring the brilliance of play by guys on the other team? Kevin Love is amazing! The Minnesota Timberwolves look capable of making a deep run into the playoffs – possibly. Who knows. Will The Lakers make it? Not without Kobe Bryant. When is he coming back? Has anybody heard anything? C’mon, Lakers: Let’s go!

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