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Lakers Going For 3-Game Winning Streak!

I must say, a 4-day rest for The Los Angeles Lakers to begin a winning streak was just what they needed – beating The Golden State Warriors, no less! Yes, they did it against a team playing without an actual point guard – Steph Curry nursing a mild concussion, the team not electing to hold onto a Lakers killer, Jarrett Jack, on their roster last year. But they killed us in Game 2 this season at the hands of a red hot Klay.Thompson. Andre Iguodola left in the 3rd Quarter with a hamstring injury…

But The Lakers played great! Nick Young was amazing, off the bench. But Pau Gasol played one of his best games of the last 3 seasons! Go down the roster, there were strong efforts by every Lakers player – meaning it’s highly probable they could have beat anybody at home with 4 days of preparation like they did Friday night!

Next up: The Lakers play The Sacramento Kings, with DeMarcus Cousins & Crew coming off a 1-point loss at Staples Center last night at the hands of The Los Angeles Clippers, who were barely able to hold onto a win after running out to a 20-point lead. The Kings are a legitimate threat to make the playoffs this year – at the expense of The Lakers? No way!

Let’s go, Lakers! Keep the winning streak alive!

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