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Lakers Lose a Winnable Game vs. Wizards Due to Turnovers, Sloppy Play

I wrote on a friend’s Facebook wall who is an avid Lakers fan, the following:

So, The Los Angeles Lakers: I love my team! But, like students, co-workers, friends, relatives, neighbors, they are human! We all disappoint each other, at times. Forgive & forget, right? Last night’s loss, like every other loss this season, with or without Kobe Bryant, was an example of how to lose a winnable game! Breakdowns defensively led to easy, I mean really, really, easy points for Nene Hi…lario. It was not hilarious! It was frustrating to watch, as efforts at defense didn’t include any communication – why the silence? #smh And the turnovers? Pau Gasol & Steve Blake were passing the ball without a focused, confident thrust – just a mamsy, pamsy ease that turned into fastbreak layups for the other team! And, in the end, The Lakers were up 108-107 vs. the lowly Wizards in our nation’s Capitol… where, in the last 2 minutes, Jordan Hill misses a dunk and we commit 2 more costly turnovers? Frustrating loss. They had it, if only they had followed through with a from of team chemistry they had developed on their home court the last 3 games. Balanced scoring, but… a string of efforts to keep teams under 100 points was ruined by sloppy play. The Lakers are better than this, but, alas, every NBA team seems to struggle on the road – for whatever reason. Takeaways: Pau had 8 assists! Wesley Johnson found his stroke, Farmar continues to attack. Hopefully the gang reassesses their focus on the prize of being a respected, respectable team and starts playing like it again. Soon!
Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Lakers fans!
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