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Lakers 8-8, After a Nice Win in Brooklyn: That Ain’t Bad!

The Los Angeles Lakers are still an adventure involving inconsistent play at times, but after a disappointing loss vs. The Washington Wizards on Tuesday, to then bounce back from that and beat a better team tonight, on the road, in New York, that is, The Brooklyn Nets, it was a major accomplishment! It was weird watching them playing against Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce, at first. This new “super team,” of over-priced players reminds me of last year’s Lakers team… Maybe The Knicks will end up with a better record than this other team that crowded into their city by the end of the season. Who knows?

The halftime lead at 54-40 made it seem like The Lakers could coast to a victory against a team that seemed lifeless, dead; but, somehow The former Celtics rallied within The Nets squad to resume their hatred and disgust for all things Lakers and almost pulled off an amazing magic trick! At 92-92, it appeared as if The Lakers were going to fold, again, without a player the caliber of Kobe Bryant to will them to victory. Instead, The Lakers showed a better resilience to an amazing pressure defense by The Nets that tested The Lakers ability to limit turnovers and protect the ball (something they didn’t do the night before).

The Lakers finished the game very, very well! They had their head coach, Mike D’Antoni, pacing the sidelines, though. He didn’t try any tomfoolery, like Jason Kidd did, spilling a Coke on the floor at a strategic moment – He was trying to “ice” our best free throw shooter? Silly. Jodie Meeks sunk both of them, and the Lakers held on for a 99-94 victory. Xavier Henry hit 2 more free throws, after Meeks, in the game for Nick Young who appeared to hurt his wrist late – after a stellar shooting night that really paced the Lakers to victory. It was a nice win before celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lakers fans!

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