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Got Lakers Fever? I Do!

The Lakers haven’t played a basketball game since Sunday? In that game, they almost surprised the NBA with a comeback win over Portland – a surprisingly good 13-3 team that went on to beat an even better Indiana squad! Jordan Farmar out (hamstring) has many people pushing for a return by Kobe Bryant, but that won’t happen tonight (not traveling to Sacramento).

Jodie Meeks says team chemistry is so much better this season than last year that he expects this year’s team to continue to improve, to be better. Xavier Henry believes that, too – “The guys we do have can still give any team a run for its money.” He will have to share PG duties with Steve Blake again, so. I hope he’s right!

Go, Lakers!

In other news, I enjoyed watching a Chicago Bulls win (without Derrick Rose) last night vs. Miami’s Heat (and a lackluster effort by LeBron James). How nice of Miami to give Michael Beasley a second chance (equally ineffective). Also, congrats are in order for The New York Knicks! They finally put an end to a rather embarrassing losing streak – at 9 games. I think. Any updates on opinions over which New York team will post a better record at the end of the season? Of course, they might as well be The Clippers – they’re not the powerhouse teams they make themselves out to be.

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