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Lakers Loss Last Night Not The New Normal, Please!

How did The Los Angeles Lakers let a lottery team like The Phoenix Suns beat them at Staples Center last night? That was ugly. The game stayed barely out of reach, again, because of an interior defense that has become worse due to injuries that The Lakers can’t seem to overcome.

I’m sure “we the fans” had hoped that The Lakers would be heading off to OKC with Kobe Bryant at a level of play that accompanied the “gangbuster” play of his teammates this season, so far – especially off the bench. But frontline starters just don’t seem to have a posture on defense that can stop the opposition – most wins coming from superior outside shooting, and youthfulness of bench players that have played stellar on defense in many 4th Quarters!

Oh well…

Suns 114, Lakers 108 (Recap).

The game was at a pace that fits the style of play that The Phoenix Suns want to run: Eric Bledsoe, but especially Goran Dragic, were very effective at exploiting the key all night long. “Points in the paint” given up by LA reminded me of the last game against Detroit – except that we won that game, somehow. Probably defense & 3-point shooting, if I recall correctly? This game didn’t have much of those things. Instead, it seemed like Dragic was at the charity strip all night long – killing us! He never missed from the Free Throw, with double digit attempts. But uncharacteristically The Lakers shot their most poorly beyond the arc in this particular game. And any Lakers “rhythm” on defense has been stripped away in recent games.

So, off The Lakers go, on the road, starting in OKC Friday for four games in five days. Hopefully we will see our team get their team chemistry matters figured out during a few practices, if able, before the trip. If not, my prediction of a 51-31 season is probably “out the window.” To go 41-19 the rest of the way is probably a tall order, but not if they ever had any real hopes of making the playoffs, and then challenging for a spot against Miami in The NBA Finals. Should I be looking at “my team” as a lottery likelihood? Right now, I’m just going to settle back into a pre-return of Kobe Bryant mode, and attempt to once again find joy in the youth & enthusiasm, the excitement, that the new additions to The Lakers have given us so far this season.

C’mon, Lakers! Let’s go!

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