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What is it About The Lakers and Losing to Denver?

The Lakers scored 115 points! Yippeee!!!!  And lost by 22 points? At home? To a non-playoff team? Uh-oh.

There is really nothing that can be said about a game like last night that is worthwhile, of value in any way. I mean, when you do a statistical analysis of what is normative, you throw out the best result and the worst result to find whatever is most normally true, and this is that game this year that you throw out – isn’t it? Sure, there is a choice of a few others, I suppose; but, to continue to bleed in the 3rd Quarter, defensively, is a serious problem that the coaching staff of The Lakers is struggling to overcome! And the players aren’t helping the effort, at all.

For all intents and purposes, the game was tied at the half: 61-60. Who had the lead? Whatever. So, logic suggests the score should’ve then extended upwards of 120 points each by the closing bell. Well, Denver averaged 38 points for each of the last 2 quarters while The Lakers scored 22 and… 32? Where “we the fans” might normally see a better defensive effort in the 4th Quarter of most games, if Denver scoring 33 in the 3rd and 44 in the 4th is any indication of defensive effort by The Lakers it was nonexistent. I might even say they gave up, long before the game was actually over – and that’s the truly sad part of the game.

The Lakers were leading at Halftime 61-60 and they gave up! What a coach says at Halftime is usually the turning point of a game, brainstorming with players over what went well, what to take advantage of, due to insights and suggestions of matchup opportunities in the 1st Half to make better use of in the 2nd Half. Instead, whatever information was passed to the players in the locker room seems like it caused them to become frustrated, unsettled, even apathetic about the game, and whether or not they might try to win it or not! Did they get more bad news? Is Kobe not coming back? Is Pau being traded? Whatever.

Nuggets 137, Lakers 115 (Recap).

Oh yeah, Timofey Mozgov, Ty Lawson, Wilson Chandler, Kenneth Faried, Evan Fournier, Randy Foye, Nate Robinson and Darrell Arthur played great! Congrats to Denver’s newest head coach, former Lakers player & assistant coach, Brian Shaw. Kendall Marshall had 17 assists, but we couldn’t hit enough 3-point shots or Free Throws to overcome our turnovers and horrible defense. Gasol ended up with stats that won’t look bad a few years from now, but there are no takeaways from this game – not even excited about another SwaggyP 3-and-1.

That was pathetic, Lakers! Next.

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