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Will The Lakers Win 30 Games This Season?

So, turnovers keep costing The Lakers victories. Missed Free Throws are costing The Lakers victories. Flat 3rd Quarter play is costing The Lakers victories. But 3-Point shots keep these games entertaining, don’t they?

I don’t know what words are left to speak hope into a season that seems like a total loss with each new add-on to the loss column. Wins have stagnated. A loss at home to Cleveland? Really? No defense. We lost by a slim margin, which was a matter of a few mental lapses – like the 2 turnovers that gave Cleveland a 4-0 lead to start the game that were just silly mistakes. When will it end? Your guess is as good as mine.

Cavaliers 120, Lakers 118 (Recap).

The Lakers led at Halftime, 63-57. It took a 16-4 run to make that happen. Then they lost the lead in the 3rd Quarter. In the end, they lost by 2 missed Free Throws by Pau Gasol. Or a missed 3-pointer by Nick Young. Or a missed 3-pointer by Jodie Meeks. To be fair, the offense those guys provided was the only reason that The Lakers had any chance of stealing a win from Cleveland who had a 116-11 lead with less than 3 minutes left to play.

Tristan Thompson couldn’t hit anything from beyond the Free Throw line, and barely efficient enough to hold off The Lakers in the waning moments of the game; but, The Lakers allowed him access into the paint where he killed them all night long. The defense was worse at the 3-point arc, where newly-acquired Luol Deng went 5-5. The Cavaliers shot over 75% from beyond the arc! Both teams made 13 shots from distance, but it took The Lakers twice as many attempts to accomplish it. Anderson Varejao played good enough, and Kyrie Irving appeared to be slowed (by injury, perhaps?) but still able to run the offense efficiently enough.

Maybe Mike Brown had something too prove? Now who’s being silly? Yes, it’s me. I admit it! Yes, I know: Mike Brown is the nicest guy in the NBA. Blah, blah, blah. So, tell me again why The Lakers fired him? #disregard

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