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Is The Sun Setting on The Season After Lakers Last Loss?

It‘s getting more difficult to find anything of value to write about The Lakers as they continue to extend their current losing streak to an unexpected number – a number that has already reached an unbelievable number that might as well be inifinity. They didn’t throw away the game like they did the previous night with opening game antics that included 2 lazy passes for an early lead by the opponent that was double the losing margin. No, instead, this particular night – 2 days ago – was marred by new levels of frustration reached by team dissension that has developed due to different perspectives on whether or not Nick Young should have been rescued from a near brawl that saw him out-numbered 5-1.
It was a routine layup, really – except that Phoenix’ rookie Center (Len) clobbered him so hard over the head while airborne with both arms that he spun before he landed, missing the shot. Eventually, the referees ejected both players – which is too bad, because “Swaggy P” advanced toward Len, was pushed away by a Morris twin (which one, I don’t know?) and then he is said to have punched Dragic (although it seemed to me to be more of an open-handed slap to the face). Ryan Kelly had trailed the play, and he made a half-hearted attempt to protect Young; but, he couldn’t break through the wall of Suns players that stood in his way. The Lakers signed Harris (?) from their d-league to replace him, since Nick Young has now been suspended by the NBA for a game – tonight’s game at Boston vs. the dreaded Celtics (who will have Rondo back, for his 1st game of the season).
Everybody is having way too much fun beating and banging up this beleaguered Lakers squad – it’s been a tough season, no doubt. It’s difficult to watch them lose game after game; but, I’m sure it’s even more difficult for the players to play them and lose – especially when the likes of Pau Gasol are a “game time decision” due to a injured toe (to start the game vs. The Suns, for example). The problem is, they do support each other: “Win as a team, lose as a team.” If Gasol had chosen to sit out that game, they would have been crushed. If Nick Young had not been ejected, they could have won the game – potentially. But any little thing, no matter how small, seems to be enough to guarantee a loss – since the burden on them to win has been compounded so severely already due to the number of injuries the team has sustained thus far this season.
Suns MORE, Lakers LESS (Recap). The Lakers lost by 7, if you didn’t know – so it was close! #awesome
Yes, if the season was truly a waste of time to consider as salvageable, I can see Nick Young’s point that his teammates should have been more willing to pursue protecting him – instead of doing nothing at all. However, I am not one who believes their opportunity to scratch & claw their way into the playoffs – yes, this year! – is beyond their ability to achieve: If Kobe comes back, if Blake comes back, if Henry comes back, if Farmar comes back, hopefully as soon as possible, then doesn’t that change things a little bit? No, The Lakers can’t afford to have additional players suspended for leaving the bench to come to Nick’s defense. Yes, Pau Gasol has a good point, after the fact, stating league rules should be changed to allow a teammate to shield another from harm as long as no appearance of aggressive behavior develops from it. Like I said before, The Lakers can win some games if they limit further breakdowns from occurring.
Wesley Johnson had one of his better games of the year, and Jodie Meeks continues to shoot pretty well from distance – which is fun to see (in those moments). But, overall, losing is losing – and it’s hard to find a “silver lining” when losses begin to mount up. Even the referees didn’t seem to care about keeping control of the game from flaring out of control again late in the 2nd Half, doing nothing to control some situations that could have been handled better with a simple chirp of a whistle. To the credit of the players, they kept themselves in-check through the midst of a game I am sure very few fans were still watching. Lakers lose. I’ve been saying that too much, lately.
But if team dissension is what you want to read about, this following article might be creating a stir: Pau Gasol.
C’mon, Lakers! Let’s see you surprise the league with the start of something truly amazing, a winning streak! Beat Boston!
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