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Seahawks Will Now Play True Rival

There was a day when I could root all season long for my favorite football team, The San Francisco 49ers, of the national league, but also The Seattle Seahawks – of the american league. Back then, Seahawks fans absolutely, 100% of them, not stretching the truth at all, despised everything and anything involving The Denver Broncos.

So, if you are – like me – a fan of The San Francisco 49ers (only), but unlike me (who is also a Settle Seahawks fan when they’re not playing the 49ers – got it?)  then you only have a small fraction of understanding necessary to know just how much a Seahawks fan loathes all things Denver. Does the name Brian Bosworth mean anything to you? Hint: Google Search.

I was invited to a Super Bowl party in Seattle in 1987 when The Denver Broncos lost to The Washington Redskins – and I bet a couple guys $20 that The Redskins would win that game. They took the bet, with a few points demanded – thus forced to root for Denver! It was rather diabolical of me – and potentially life-threatening! It was fun, though. Especially when I got paid! 🙂 $$$

I went to the same high school as John Elway, so I am glad for him that he eventually won a game on the biggest stage of all, The Super Bowl. But not before he lost a few. But if you are a gambling man, in just two Sundays time I would say you could safely sit next to a Seahawks fan while wearing 49ers gear – but only if you were rooting against Denver. If you’re unsuccessful trying this experiment, I am not willing to be held responsible for your hospital bills. #sorry

Go, Seahawks!

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