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New York Knicks Improve to 17-27 with Win vs. Lakers @ MSG

The Los Angeles Lakers are hanging in there, trying to tough it out through a difficult season – and The New York Knicks are fighting some of those same battles themselves. One of the things that The Lakers did accomplish today was keeping themselves from being mentioned in the record book: Carmelo Anthony scored 62 points in his last game, to break Kobe Bryant’s scoring record at Madison Square Garden; but, he was unable to break a former Knicks scoring record of Most Points in 2 Games, Back-to-Back: Bernard King put up 104 points in that period of time! Melo ended with 97 points, only scoring 35 points with Kobe watching from the bench, still.

Knicks 110, Lakers 103 (Recap).

Jodie Meeks looked very good throughout the game, hitting most of his shots from just about everywhere. Pau Gasol had a decent game, it appeared – except for missing critical Free Throws down the stretch. The Lakers put up a strong effort in the 1st & 3rd Quarters: they played very well, for streaks of time. But defense wasn’t great for either team. The referees seemed to let The Knicks get away with some reach-in fouls to begin the 4th Quarter, and then they tightened up their resolve to blow their whistles shortly after that – which seemed to confuse J.R. Smith – not that he doesn’t whine at every foul call against him since he entered the league. But The Lakers were within striking distance, down 4 at Halftime, 2 with 12 minutes to go, and 4 points with 4 minutes to go. But shot selection, personnel decisions by the coach as far as player rotation was concerned, the inability to completely stop Carmelo Anthony problematic, it was really a matter of making shots and rebounding that sealed the victory for the home team.

If The Lakers shot more accurately, or if they had boxed out defensively on missed shots, and made their Free Throws, this game could’ve easily gone into Overtime. Unfortunately, The Lakers come home with a worse record now (16-29) than The New York Knicks. Fortunately, The Grammy’s is tonight; so, the road trip is over! Yippeee!!!! But, can they start a winning streak as early as Tuesday? Hmm… The Indiana Pacers are the best team in the NBA right now, better than The Miami Heat – and they were humble enough to let the score be close when we played them 2 games ago. Will Indiana totally annihilate us? They could. But, then again, they recently lost to Phoenix by a wide margin. So, you never know.

Go, Lakers!

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