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An 82-Game Season is Very Long When You Lose a Lot of Games Early

This grueling season of losses for The Los Angeles Lakers must really take a toll on players, I would think, because it’s getting awfully tough to write about each game as the losses begin to pile up. Normally, I would say something as soon as the game is over, or possibly the next morning; but, I am slipping from that effort – badly. It makes me wonder how reporters that follow bad teams have the stomach to stay with that team for more than a couple years: it must be a turnover prone profession. Maybe not, if it pays well. But, really, if you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, then why would you continue doing it, even if the money is good. So, how does that translate into anything involving “The Lakers”?

The Lakers had battled The Indiana Pacers last night to a 49-49 tie at the end of the 1st Half. But their Achilles heal, the 3rd Quarter, was a damaging blow – again. The only game recently that I can remember them playing well in the 3rd Quarter was in Boston. But they seem to suffer breakdowns at the most inopportune moments, over & over again. Yet, The Lakers also show signs of brilliance, at times. Jodie Meeks had a decent game, so did Kendall Marshall. Maybe the bad news of Xavier Henry and Kobe Bryant being delayed in their comebacks was just too much of a psychological downer? Who knows.

Pacers 104, Lakers 92 (Recap).

Recently, The Miami Heat were gracious in defeating The Lakers by a score that was closer than it could have been – if they hadn’t coasted to victory. Believe it or not, I thought The Lakers, at home, had a shot at beating a better team than The Heat, yes, The Indiana Pacers. But those hopes were quickly dashed to dust. That’s frustrating. So, now what? Do I keep following “my” team? Yes. Do I keep writing about each game, watching each game, hoping to see them develop a winning formula, a team “chemistry,” a style that stymies an opponent and leads to an unexpected, enduring winning streak? Perhaps. If… When…

At every turn, it seems like The Lakers might only be a player, or two, away from developing a decent ability to win games – against anybody. Unfortunately, for now, the cold, hard reality is: I am enjoying young players develop into future stars. Last year’s team was supposed to be built for a run to grab the ring! but many of those players left, and not just Dwight Howard, but also others – like Antawn Jamison and Darius Morris (on the bench for The Clippers, doing very little?). If they play for The Lakers next year remains to be seen. Do they want to come back? Does The Lakers’ front office even want them back? Maybe the head coach of The Indiana Pacers, Frank Vogel, is right: “…It’s impossible for them to have played better than they have done (due to so many injuries that his team at a league best 35-9 has avoided.). Maybe so.

C’mon, Lakers! Let’s go!

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