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What! No? Impossible. The Lakers Won a Game Without All Those Guys?

What a weird, whacky season this has become for The Los Angeles Lakers, and “we the fans” who are still paying attention to their every move!

We knew the season was going to involve a bad start: Kobe Bryant unavailable to start the season? Wasn’t he on Twitter during the off-season sounding as if he would be there for Game 1? That is very much like The Denver Broncos hiking the ball into the end zone, over Peyton Manning’s shoulder, for a safety, in the Super Bowl last Sunday, on the very first play of the game!

Some games, some seasons, are filled with more meaning than they seem like they have a right to possess.

Take tonight’s game in Cleveland, as an example: Last night The Lakers were losing, badly, in Minnesota, yet if they had hit the 4 layups missed in the final 4 minutes they could have won that game! And they were that close without Pau Gasol, due to a recent groin injury, on the growing list of unavailable players! So, tonight, even though Steve Nash and Steve Blake are available, and Jordan Farmar was finally cleared to play, they run out to an amazing 1st Quarter lead – without Jodie Meeks, or Jordan Hill! Did you know Hill was taken out by friendly fire the night before? The culprit: Kaman’s elbow met Jordan’s nose. Ouch! Anyway, by Halftime, add Nick Young to the list of injured Lakers players! Absolutely nuts!

But that’s not all. Kaman fouls out (in 14 minutes of play? a veteran? #smh), Farmar injures his leg (hamstring) – again? (or, just “cramps”?) And, before you know it, we’re down to only 5 available players! But then Sacre picks up a 6th foul, taking a charge, beautifully – except he was inside the backwards arc in the lane. It was a perfect “non-call” for any referee, any other night. So, what do you do now? What? Wait. An obscure NBA rule says he can still play, but any foul he now commits is awarded a technical foul shot as well? Really? That’s crazy! Crazier, Cleveland kept firing away jumpers instead of attacking the rim! Kyrie Irving was held out of the 2nd Half? Isn’t he starting for the Eastern Conference in the All-Star Game this weekend? #whatever

Steve Nash took off his suit, apparently in the locker room throughout most of the game receiving treatment, and is suddenly discovered sitting on the bench, in uniform – for what value? Just weird. It was late in the game. But I began to wonder what happens next if more Lakers players tallied a 6th personal foul? Would Nash have been forced onto the court?

At any rate, what The Lakers did to start out the 1st Quarter with a 37-19 lead was completely necessary! At 96-68, the game is in the bag, right? But then it’s suddenly 100-90: yes, turnover bug was shredding us! But somehow, some way, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson, Steve Blake, Kendall Marshall and Rob Sacre were able to hold off the late surge by Cleveland and win a game on the road! At one point, Kelly was the tallest Lakers player on the court. Talk about going small!

Lakers 119, Cavaliers 108 (Recap).

Go, Lakers!

If you’re asking: “What else you got?” Here it is: This squad score the most points in a half by The Lakers this season (70), and they set a franchise record for Three Point Shots Made in a regular season game (18). Incredible! Where was Manny Harris? Will Nick Young be able to play in the next game? What a crazy year. I’m still tuning in. You gotta admire their heart, if nothing else.

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