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Lakers Win a Game on Steve Nash’ 40th Birthday!

Steve Nash came back, most recently, on Tuesday night, at Minnesota, where The Lakers lost a game they clawed back to from a deep hole to then miss 4 layups in the last 4 minutes. That terrible loss they followed up on a back-2-back game which caused The Lakers to pre-plan NOT using Steve Nash in a game where they needed every available body! Or, perhaps not! They finished one of the weirder games ever played in the NBA, playing their remaining 5 guys with Rob Sacre fouling out but allowed to continue playing due to an obscure rule that requires a team to field no less than 5 guys on the court at all times. Oddly, Steve Nash appeared on the bench, in the closing minutes of that game, in uniform, although he had been wearing street clothes previously. #whatever

Tonight, Steve Nash played great! The old dude led the team in scoring, had a few assists (5), and even collected some rebounds (4). He was needed, desperately, as Nick Young is now out with a knee injury, and apparently I missed why Manny Harris was unavailable in Cleveland: he had been playing on the 2nd 10-day contract, and The Lakers let him go! I thought he played well, even playing immediately – unlike Kendall Marshal, whom they signed, sat for a couple games, before finally allowing him to play. And Marshall is leading the NBA in Three-Point Shooting Percentage! He led The Lakers in Assists tonight, too, with ten! But the two Steve’s, Nash and Blake, with their veteran savvy, really controlled the game down the stretch, with 23 assists and only 3 turnovers! Chris Kaman played well, off the bench, after a horrible outing in Cleveland, where he fouled out in 14 minutes! Tonight, Kaman had 17 points, 8 rebounds.

The Lakers return home with a 2-game winning streak! Yippeee!!!!

Lakers 112, 76ers 98 (Recap).

Also, of note, The Lakers had released Shawne Williams a few weeks ago; but, he played tonight! Like I said, The Lakers need every available guy they can find. But I’m happy to see him back in the mix – I didn’t really understand why they released him, except for minutes made available to their rookie Ryan Kelly who has been playing well. Transition defense was better tonight, and it was nice to see – a team not likely to make the playoffs is playing with heart, with professionalism. #loveit

Happy Birthday, Steve Nash!

Go, Lakers!

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