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Which Lakers Team Are They? The Monday Version or Tuesday’s Version?

The Lakers, after playing an inspired game of basketball the night before, on the road, in Portland, couldn’t find anything resembling that effort vs. The Pelicans, at home, last night – until it was too late. There was something that resembled effort, at the very, very end of the game that could’ve been considered defense; but, The Lakers couldn’t catch a break. There were too many fouls committed, too early, in the 4th Quarter, that any defensive pressure would only result in sending The Pelicans to the free throw line (who, unlike The Blazers, the previous night, converted the shots).

Pelicans 132, Lakers 125 (Recap).

So, it begs the question: Did The Los Angeles Lakers will themselves to victory, on the road, or were they just the recipients of dumb luck? Portland began the game with a fairly lethargic defensive effort, letting The Lakers cruise out to a big (insurmountable?) lead. But, unlike The Miami Heat, or The Indiana Pacers, there was no chance for the lakers to win a game against far superior talent. The Blazers, at 41-18, should’ve been able to “flip the (proverbial) switch” and run off a streak of brilliant defensive moves with clutch shooting; but, instead, The Blazers bumbled their way to a loss. Think about it: The Lakers made ONE field goal in the last 6-1/2 minutes! That was Monday night. The previous Friday night was their amazing game of a franchise high 19 3-point shots made against a Sacramento team, playing without DeMarcus Cousins and Carl Landry.

Hoping for a 3-game winning streak, I really wanted Mike d’Antoni’s post-game comments, Monday night, to ring true last night: instead, he sounds like a guy politicking his way through the NBA, trying to salvage his reputation for an offensive scheme nobody else runs, that he hasn’t been able to make work – except for a handful of seasons with Phoenix, with a younger Steve Nash running the operation. After the loss to The Pelicans, “ALL” of the blame  from d’Antoni went to the players who were unable to do this, didn’t do that, blah, blah… #whatever

Bottom Line: The Lakers’ players are discovering the hard way that no matter how much they desire to be successful, the level of talent on our team is comparitively lacking vs. most other teams. Period. Do I like the improvements to the game of Jodie Meeks? You bet! But I cringed last year, anytime he did anything but catch & shoot. The last thing anybody wanted to see him do was drive into the paint and get the ball stuffed in his face or striiped away! Finally, and only in recent weeks, he is rising triumphantly into the face of defenders, like Nick Young does, rising above out-stretched arms of defenders instead of cowardly, meekly, ducking under them as if he knew he was going to get mauled. What a difference a few months of playing time makes! But how much time can The Lakers afford to audition more players during stretches of a regular season(s)?

There are times when I like the promise of Kendall Marshall, or Xavier Henry, even Wesley Johnson. I think Ryan Kelly is doing great, for a rookie! But I have no clue what The Lakers are doing platooning Pau Gasol and/or Chris Kaman. I have no clue why Rob Sacre is on the team, still. Why didn’t they try to re-sign Earl Clark? #nevermind

Kent Bazemore and Jordan Farmar look like “keepers.” And maybe that is now true of Jodie Meeks? What it is that The Lakers will do in order to improve the roster for next season is anybody’s guess. I would expect Steve Nash to retire, even today – but, if he chooses not to, then do the Lakers have any other choice available to them than to pay him the remaining balance of his contract and say “goodbye”? Hopefully there is something left in the tank for Kobe Bryant to continue his stellar career, and to achieve the status he was trying to atain to, by breaking more records, etc, etc. But has he hit the proverbial wall of age/decline due to injury? #perhaps

Steve Mason & John Ireland were discussing on 710AM ESPN-LA the possible reasons for Jeannie Buss not addressing the media in recent months, or, perhaps, all season long: Is there a power struggle happening with whomever is trying to run the Lakers organization? #whoknows

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get answers to all of our questions, fellow Lakers fans? #ainthappening

A game like last night should be an indicator of Mike d’Antoni’s demise, and put to rest rumors of any contract extension. #hopeful

Go, Lakers!

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