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Spurs Easily Managed Lakers Tonight

Unexpected? #not

Spurs 119, Lakers 85 (Recap).

So, I wonder… If The Lakers beat The Thunder at home, but lost to The Thunder on the road, and lost to the Spurs on the road, is it possible that The Lakers beat The Spurs in the next game at home?

I wonder… What does the future hold with the departure of Phil Jackson to New York? #congratsPHIL Somebody recognizes your value.

I wonder… Will any top free agents want to come to The Los Angeles Lakers now that they most resemble what was formerly the makeup of The Los Angeles Clippers? #totallySAD There needs to be more ability that just mere effort, right?

I wonder… Should I still go to the Lakers vs. Wizards game next Friday at Staples Center, or stay home and watch the game via the comfort of my own home? #conflictedSORTA But this may be one of the better chances of seeing The Lakers win a game down this last stretch of games, so, yes, I am going!

Go, Lakers! #win Besides, didn’t Lakers radio announcer John Ireland guessed 25 wins this year before the season began? I think. Gotta win a few more for him to be more right than Clippers fanatic Marcellus Wiley.

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